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Saturday, 27 February 2010

UKIP: Nigel Farage writes a load of bull

Iain Dale is quite keen to promote Nigel’s latest novel on his blog. But why he is so eager to support Farage is something perhaps best left to Iain and his analyst!

Never has a man been so hoodwinked by the greatest spiv in British politics.

The book is called 'Fighting Bull'. A better title would have been 'Spouting Bullsh*t'.

Iain describes the book as being ‘painfully honest’. To describe Farage as being ‘painfully honest’ is about as convincing as describing Paul Nuttall as the next MP for Bootle.

So will we be reading about Farage’s extra-marital affairs, the time he was found drunk in the gutter, the OLAF investigation into his alleged misuse of MEP allowances, his long-term affair with Annabelle Fuller, his drunken outbursts, the time he urged a drunken Bloom to attack a journalist, what his wife actually did for all those lovely euros, his grubby little deals with the Tories, his rumoured alcoholism, his Isle of Man trust fund, what happened to the money raised by the Ashford Call Centre, why he had to resign as UKIP leader, why he secretly claimed a second EU pension, why he sits with fascists and racists in the EFD, why he threatened Nikki Sinclaire, etc, etc, etc.

Not that Nigel wrote it himself. He can't even write an email. Just ask Steve Reed!

Farage also admits to being a fan of lap dancing. But that is hardly a revelation. We all know about his weakness for visiting establishments where the women are more than happy to help ease your tension.

We also look forward to reading about how God cured Nigel of cancer and how he later gave him the power to walk on water and turn water into wine.

But don’t buy it just yet. Give it six months and you will be able to get from a remaindered bookstore for £1.99.

But will it get to a second edition? We do hope so. We can't wait to read Nigel's prison diary. We hear that it will be called 'How I was set up the EU Commission after I attacked Van Rompuy'.

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