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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

UKIP NEC elections, Christopher Gill & Lady Jill Seymour

Readers of this blog will be aware that February’s NEC elections are not being held. Once again the Party rules are ignored by a corrupt and dishonest leadership.

Did Farage hope that no one would notice that a new election was due? See: LINK

Christopher Gill - failed Tory dimwit, Farage sycophant and the man who helped Nigel rig UKIP's MEP selection process - is due for re-election.

No doubt he will continue to sit on the NEC and vote despite the fact that he should have stood down and sought re-election - yet another breach of the rules.

Farage has now decided to hold NEC elections after the General Election. Just as we predicted.

June has been pencilled in as the most likely date for fresh elections. That will give Farage time to find even more potential sycophants to stand for the NEC.

And now for Jill Seymour……..

You may recall that Jill resigned from the NEC in 2009. This was around the same time as her departure as Ms Sinclaire’s ‘Regional Liaison Officer’.

Sadly, things didn’t work for our Jill and it was finally suggested by Nikki that she move on.

For the facts see: LINK

Jill is now back on the NEC. The awkward fact that she has not been re-elected is not a problem as far as Nigel is concerned.

That Jill will do as she is told is all that really matters.

On the Farage Sycophants 4 UKIP blog we found the following statement from our Jill.

Jill Seymour statement on NEC resignation

Back in October, the EU activist and Junius blogger, Greg Limp-Wrist, wrote one of his rambling anti-UKIP posts about Jill Seymour in which he made up a story about her resignation from the NEC.

Like most people, Jill doesn't bother reading the JEUnius blog and has only just seen the drivel Greg Limp-Wrist wrote but she has asked us to publish the following statement in response to it

“Simply, I shall be attending just 3 more meetings before the next NEC Election. I did not quit in disgust, it was in fact due to party rules that you cannot sit on the NEC if employed by a MEP. Regarding Mr West I did feel no candidate should have had a video exposed in the way it was and made my feelings known. Material matter on any candidate should always be treated with respect and sensitivity. We are not career politicians but people that care for this country. I do have a very personal view on many things within UKIP and have never always followed any one individual. I would also like it if he was so kind to note my name is Jill Seymour.”

End of statement.

We are sorry to burst Jill’s bubble but the Junius blog is a separate entity from GLW’s blog. We share information and talk on a regular basis but that is as far as it goes. We don’t control GLW’s blog and he doesn’t control ours.

But when did the facts every get in the way of a good Stuart Parr ‘Bloggers 4 UKIP’ lie? Remember when they tried to claim the raid on Nikki Sinclaire’s office was a lie? See: LINK

But now back to Jill.

Jill is now claiming that she only resigned from the NEC because of rules which state that you can’t sit on the NEC if employed by an MEP. Well, that is a first - UKIP's NEC abiding by the Party rules!

So why didn't Jill rejoin the NEC following the loss of her job with Nikki Sinclaire. After all, she got the push in September 09.

Jill will really have to do better than that if she wants to convince people that her latest spin is the truth!

Not that we have anything against Jill. She really does mean well and is quite concerned about the amount of corruption in UKIP.

However, she sadly lacks the courage to stand up to Farage when it comes to the crunch.

Time and time again she has promised to support the complaints of UKIPPERS and fellow NEC members. But when it comes to the crucial vote it is always a different story - she meekly votes with Farage after she sees him giving her yet another one of his withering looks.

What a shame!


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