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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

UKIP scandal: UKIP Wales officials incite manager to attack 86-year-old war veteran.

Just when you thought that UKIP’s leadership couldn’t sink any lower into the gutter……

Despicable behaviour in UKIP Wales by Niall Warry

When I was Chairman of UKIP Wales in 1999 one of our members Hugh Jones from Swansea was a very active member.

Hugh held forthright views and was a dominant character which is probably how he survived a bout of MRSA, which he caught in Swansea Hospital, after he went in for a routine operation. He was in the hospital for 2 years.

As UKIP Wales grew and regional branches were developed Hugh Jones became Treasurer of UKIP Swansea and stood as a PPC on at least one occasion.

Well as with much of UKIP the Swansea branch whithered on the vine but last year in 2009 Hugh asked the Welsh RO Mahoney to organise a husting for the MEP Candidate John Bufton in Swansea. Hugh said he would arrange the venue etc.

Mahoney (I believe stathan on this forum) replied that he was too busy and couldn't be bothered!!

Next after Bufton's win Mahoney was tasked to resurrect the Swansea branch and the first meeting was called for September. Hugh was unable to attend but did make the second meeting before Christmas.

This meeting according to Hugh, who I have recently spoken to, was a complete shambles with no agenda and little order. I'm sure Hugh made his views known and he also asked that there should be a proper procedure for the appointment of PPCs in the forthcoming election.

Mahoney's main comments to Hugh was that he was not a suitable person to be the Treasurer of the branch.

Hugh was NOT invited to the next meeting and when he spoke to the person who had sent out the e-mail calling the meeting, which had been supplied to Hugh by a friend, the person said no such meeting had been called!

Hugh knew this was a lie as he was staring at the e-mail when he spoke to the person who sent them out!

Anyway Hugh attended the meeting and this is his report on what happened:-

The Battle of Langland Golf Club 2 Feb 2010.
(or why are they so frightened?)

Let me introduce myself. I am an 86 year old – rather large 6ft3” severely crippled man who walks with difficulty using two sticks. Maybe, I am considered fairly bright; being during my career a Lt. Cdr. (E) in the Naval Reserves with 5 years of war service, I hold a doctorate from London University and senior membership of major scientific organisations in the UK, Canada and the USA. I was for a period the President of one such national organisation. I was head of applied physics departments in universities in both the UK and Canada. I am the author of over 100 scientific papers and two books. I am still known in my field across the world.

Swansea Branch of UKIP members were called to a meeting by email recently. The meeting was held last night at Langland Golf Club Swansea. The emails announcing this meeting were not sent to me directly , however the omission of my name was noticed by some and the information was sent to me anyway. I wrote to the Acting Chairman of the Welsh Branch of UKIP after being told that I was banned from attending local UKIP meeting – see the copy of this letter attached.

When I arrived at the Club in time for the meeting I was met by the Welsh organiser (described in the attached) and two of his henchmen. They said I was not allowed to go into the Golf Club implying that they were going to keep me out of it. I ignored them and proceeded to the Club . They then sent for the manager who told me I was not allowed into the Club – that it was for members and their guests only. I sat down in a chair and told the Manager that I would wait there until a member signed me in. There was discussion between the Welsh Organiser and his covey and the manager. Eventually the three Swansea members (which included the Gower PPC Gordon Triggs) and the Welsh Organiser retired to the dining room were they had a table for the meeting . The manager , a portly man of later middle age then set himself to the task of throwing me onto the floor by trying to turn the chair over. I sat tight holding firmly onto the arms. He eventually found the task beyond his capabilities and retired breathless. I rang the police regarding the whole affair because I was expecting a further assault.

With the usual promptitude the police did not arrive. After some twenty-five minutes or so I went into the dining room to the assembled meeting - three Swansea members and the Welsh Organiser I threw four copies of some papers and video discs on the table for their benefit and made my way out of the building. A taxi I had called arrived. I left and went home.

About an hour and a half later a policeman came and told me that they had been to the Club and interviewed all concerned. Among the other things he said the was that they had been told that the Welsh Organiser would arrange to have me thrown out of UKIP!

Any UKIP member receiving this note can perhaps tell me why I was treated in this way? They can also tell me why my protest to the Party Chairman, Lord Pearson, the Welsh Chairman and the Welsh Acting Chairman have gone unanswered. I am reluctant to put this affair in the hands of the press but I give notice that unless this matter and its related circumstances is cleared up once and for all then I must let the public know what today’s Swansea UKIP stands for –it appears to be, on the evidence, more of a conspiracy than a political party.

Hugh Jones. 3 February 2010.

So much for Lord Pearson's reconciliation of UKIPs members.

Is it any wonder UKIP is dying on its feet and no amount of clever speeches from Nige£ can disguise this fact.

End of statement

And here is UKIP's offensive response:

Well I will make a very brief response and leave it there.

1) Niall in line with his usual MO gives his own uninformed dishonest version of events that he knows nothing of.

2) I understand from Mumbles police that a police sergeant and a representative of a mental health assessment agency are to interview Mr Jones within the next few days following a complaint about his behaviour from an independent Swansea councillor.

One wonders if perhaps Niall might benefit from a similar assessment.

End of UKIP statement. It was posted on the British Democracy Forum.

So rather than apologise UKIP Wales now seeks to smear and further abuse Mr Jones on a public website. How very EUKIP!

And why are we not surprised that Lord Pearson has not had the decency to respond to Mr Jones' complaint?

This what one ex-UKIP Wales member had to say:

Reminds me of the Battle of Neyland Athletic Club, a battle that the decent honourable members of the Committee won. The Pembrokeshire branch was then split into two but the leadership still managed to undermine and sabotage all the effort and hard work we put into our new branch. They parachuted in a General Election candidate who withdrew at the last minute, telling us "his wife had something on him" which would prejudice his suitability as a candidate. At this point I resigned in disgust and the branch broke up soon afterwards.

End of statement.

Nigel must be SO proud of the sycophants who run UKIP Wales.

So is abusing war veterans now official UKIP policy?

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