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Monday, 31 May 2010

Aurelie Laloux & UKIP: The spy in Camp Farage

In an earlier post we mentioned that a member of Farage’s EFD Group was not all they seemed:

It has long been known that UKIP has a spy in the camp. Not unlike the Scarlet Pimpernel, the thorn in UKIP's shoe has survived numerous purges, in which several staff members have been dismissed on trumped up charges. One alleged spy even passed away, but still the leaks continue.

Now we learn of an interesting document that has surfaced which may shed some light on who is responsible, and where that person's true allegiances may lie.

During the 1999-2004 parliament, UKIP sat in the EDD group. We have seen papers that clearly show that an EDD staffer, who still remains close to the party leadership, was also taking money from another, rival, political group.

As well as receiving small salaries from two EDD MEPS, the person concerned (a trained journalist, incidentally) was also in the pay of Marianne Erikson, then an MEP with the Swedish Left Party, who sat as a member of the Communist GUE group.

The GUE is also home to Sinn Fein. It comprises some of the nastiest people in European politics, and is ideologically opposed to UKIP in every way, save the occasional opposition of some of its component parties to the Lisbon Treaty.

Explain that one, Nigel!

To see the original: LINK

The person concerned is Aurelie Laloux. And here is proof that she has been taking money from a rival political group.

To see a bigger version: LINK

So who is Aurelie Laloux?

She is UKIP's French Chief of Staff in Brussels. MEPs are not allowed to table amendments, or even employ staff, without her express permission. She decides who speaks in Parliament, and on what subject. UKIP’s MEPs are not exactly very happy about this, but are too terrified of Farage to do anything about it.

Her political judgment leaves a lot to be desired. When there was a debate on the Lisbon Treaty in 2008, another group proposed a ‘rejection amendment’ - in other words, the treaty could have been rejected! Aurelie’s voting list, prepared for UKIP’s MEP’s, did not have them supporting this amendment!

In a nutshell, Aurelie advised voting against the rejection amendment, as it "rejects it for the wrong reasons"

When asked to clarify this, she said the amendment "calls for more social security payments".

What it actually said was, that it "regrets the lack of social cohesion inherent in the Lisbon Treaty".

One might expect that at the level of an adviser to a political group in the European Parliament, a person might understand the difference between the concept of "social cohesion" and increased social security payments.

Farage, incidentally, overruled all objections, and went with Aurelie's advice.

She is about as much use as a chocolate teapot or David Bannerman on an island populated by sex starved Amazons!

So what is Aurelie’s hold over Farage? Let us just say that they have had a very intimate working relationship! But does Mrs Farage know?

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