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Friday, 28 May 2010

UKIP bomb in Thirsk and Malton by-election

Another disastrous election result for UKIP. They couldn't even beat Labour or the Lib Dems!

UKIP is sinking faster than the Titanic.

Anne McIntosh (C) 20,167
Howard Keal (Lib Dem) 8,886
Jonathan Roberts (Lab) 5,169.
Toby Horton (Ukip) 2,502
John Clark (Liberal Party) 1,418

And why is UKIP claiming that since 2005, they have doubled their share of the vote?

“To increase our vote share by more than 100 percent in this area is a huge achievement".

Oh, really?

Thirsk and Malton is a NEW constituency! You can’t compare the new results with UKIP’s record in the old constituencies as they cover different areas!

Following their review of parliamentary representation in North Yorkshire, the Boundary Commission for England recommended the creation of a new seat of Thirsk and Malton be established for the 2010 general election. This takes electoral wards from Ryedale and Vale of York.

In 2005, UKIP did not contest the Vale of York seat. So much for doubling the share of the vote!

The electoral wards used in the new constituency are:

• The entire district of Ryedale
• The Scarborough wards of Filey and Hertford
• The Hambleton wards of Easingwold, Helperby, Huby with Sutton, Shipton, Sowerby, Stillington, Thirsk, Thorntons, Tollerton, Topcliffe, White Horse, and Whitestonecliffe

Toby Horton – the UKIP candidate – has said that “people are being attracted to UKIP’s common sense policies on the economy, the EU and immigration.”

Oh, yeah? So how come you came fourth!

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