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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

UKIP: Junius presents a video guide to Nigel Farage's EFD Group

And Farage has the cheek to call the BNP racist!


Anonymous said...

The fact that Nigel Farage is using the N word shows how little he has progressed in his thinking and attitudes.

Middle-aged and STILL highly preduiced.

That Mr Farage CHOOSES to use such a pejorative term, a term that has not been in daily use for decades is very worrying.Very worrying indeed.

Everyone in the UK knows that the N word is TOTALLY unacceptable.

The fact that Mr Farage CHOOSES to use it, reveals that he IS colour preduice.

And to be a representive of a UK politcal party in multi-cultural Britian, that is just not on.

What other preduices does he hold I wonder?

I suspect it will only be a matter of time before we hear the J word.

This Jewess, if he dares to go on that track will not be hearing the last of me!

Wake up Mr Farage. This is the 21st Century. You sport a deep tan handsomely, and then have the cheek to use a perjorative term regarding a person of a slighterly deeper tan of yours!


Anonymous said...

That Nigel Farage has chosen to sit with the strongly right wing EFD Group that has Nazi sympathys is of great concern to me.

And it should be to you.

It is even of greater concern that despite the highly publicised departure of Nikkie Sinclaire from the EFD Group because of her concern of it's highly racist and anti-semitic members and their deplorable actions and views, Nigel Farage has STILL chosen to stay.

This is really quite incredible and suggests that Mr Farage has ulterior motives for digging his heels in and refusing to budge.

What is his agenda?

What is Mr Farage personally seeking from this affiliation?

His stance is not clearly for the good of the UK, a multi-culteral society.

Or is it?

If it is good for the UK for UKIP to be a member of the EFD Group, then Mr Farage should clearly explain himself as to why he thinks it so essential that he represents UKIP in this group.

Mr Farage can be so eloquent when he wants to.

Let Mr Farage explain himself NOW.

He owes it to the members of UKIP of whom he represents.

Clearly, Mr Farage is out of touch with the mood of this country.

Even Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister in the Prime Ministerial Debates expressed concerns at the racist and anti-semitic tendecies which exist within the EU and he knows what he's talking about for he has previously worked at the EU. So he is not without experience of which groupings and political parties that operate in the EU.

Time Mr Farage to explain yourself.

You have a big enough mouth ... so use it and give your members an acoount of yourself.

Anonymous said...
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Greg L-W. said...


there is a huge amount more about this vile Pan EU Political Party EFD grouping that Nigel Farage has set up and is supported by the corrupt in UKIP who support racism, sexual intolerance, holocaust denial, anti Judaism and the Lispon Treaty which this EFD group helped in Italy to steer through their Parliament and in Britain UKIP did nothing to oppose until it had passed in The House of Commons - presumably to help their chums in the Tories.

Lib.Lab.UKip.Con has betrayed us on virtually every instance.


Greg L-W.

Anonymous said...

All these tantalising pictures of young, very young girls cannot be helping to lower the blood pressures of our mature male readers.

Are these girls meant to be a pleasant interlude for all our highly stressed UKIP activists as they log on to seriously condsider the 'going ons' of UKIP?.

Methinks it is indeed a REWARD by Junius for all you grumpy men who feel peeved (quite rightly so) by Lord P's ridiculous behaviour that has frustrated your gains and set you back.

All that hard work, for b...... all. Never mind.

Oggle at these young beauties, and may your spirits be raised in more ways than one!

This IS a smutty post isn't it!

I do apolgise to the more refined of our readers.

Junius said...

You could be right, Melanie!

MontysFreepress said...

It is hardly surprising is it?
If UKip can reinstate this man, you are not going to get answers are you?