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Saturday, 22 May 2010

UKIP: John Wallace, Bath, Douglas Denny and Andrew Edwards

You may recall that we published details about two recent UKIP scams to raise money. See: LINK

The first concerned a site called UKIP West Sussex. They were soliciting donations via a private address:

The Treasurer,
UKIP West Sussex News,
22 Farm Avenue,

John Wallace is the man behind the rather amateurish website. He claimed that the site was a non-profit making operation merely to cover the cost of a new UKIP newspaper entitled' ‘UKIP News - West Sussex'.

Mr Wallace got rather indignant after seeing our article. Indeed, he got so angry that he posted the following statement in our comments section:

West Sussex isn't a branch, it's a county, and as such does not have a chairman. All funding received is distributed in full to the branches in the constituencies from which it emanates. Simple but effective.

I trust that you'll publish my response in full, and I should be pleased to answer any other allegations that you can produce.


John Wallace
W.Sussex County Organiser

So why did he tell Geoffry Collier – a UKIP member - that all proceeds raised by the site were going to be used to cover the publishing costs of a UKIP newspaper? So Mr Wallace has changed his story. How very suspicious!

We asked Mr Wallace to reply to all of the points originally raised by Barbara Booker on the British Democracy Forum:

'UKIP West Sussex' is listed by UKIP itself as a branch; it has a website that solicits (I quote), "New Membership, Membership Renewal and Donations"; it invites visitors to print off its membership form, headed "UKIP West Sussex - JOIN US!'; it asks for cheques to be posted to the same Storrington PO Box that is also given as John Wallace's mail address; and it makes no mention of the newspaper 'UKIP West Sussex News' which it supposedly exists merely to fund!

What does John Wallace do with membership and donation cheques that he receives at the Storrington PO Box? Send them to Head Office at Newton Abbot? Pay them into the SE Region bank account? Or does the West Sussex branch have a bank account of its own that it has omitted to register as an accounting unit with the Electoral Commission? Who gets the first year's subscription of new members signed up through the West Sussex branch website or UKIP West Sussex News?

Re the UKIP West Sussex News, I understand that the Horsham address given as that of its treasurer is also the address of Martin Bridewell, Horsham branch treasurer and South East Region treasurer. What does Mr Bridewell do with cheques sent to him as a result of the newspaper's appeal for donations towards its running expenses? Pay them into the Horsham branch bank account? The SE Region bank account? Or again, does the newspaper have its own bank account? Where did the funding come from to set the operation up in the first place? Which bank account settles the printer's bills?

John Wallace writes today in the Brighton Argus that he wants to become an MP, "to see transparency and honesty from both local and national government, and our elected representatives in Westminster". As editor of UKIP West Sussex News, some transparency and honesty about UKIP's West Sussex branch for which he is the only named official would seem a very good place to start.

End of quote.

Mr Wallace has declined to do so. He also declined to answer ANY of the questions raised by Greg Lance-Watkins. What a surprise!

The other UKIP scam concerned ‘Mainstream – UKIP’. They were seeking donations via

PO BOX 4508,
BA1 0NU.

UKIP Head Office claimed that this had nothing to do with UKIP.

The PO Box was registered to someone at:

22 Wedmore Park,
BA2 1JY.

Andrew Fear – a UKIP lackey, Farage sycophant and employee of dippy Derek Clark – was foolish enough to tell UKIPPERS that David Noakes and Richard Suchorzewski were believed to be responsible for this latest attempt to hoodwink UKIPPERS.

Mr Noakes and Mr Suchorzewski are former UKIP leadership candidates. Both left the Party in disgust after being subjected to a Farage instigated smear campaign.

Another UKIPPER also suggested that Andrew Edwards was involved in the scam. Mr Edwards used to be chairman of UKIP Bath.

Apparently, living in the city is all that you need to prove guilt!

It later transpired that a certain John Hallett lives at the address.

This is what Andrew Edwards had to say:

It's likely that two new UKIP fund-raising scams were revealed earlier today. The first is based in Sussex, where a non existent branch (UKIP West Sussex) is soliciting for donations. The second is based in my home City - Bath, and needless to say it's already been suggested that I might be behind it! Dippy Doug Denny has even suggested that I and Andrew Moffatt are one in the same person! Honestly, what planet is the man on????

Junuius says: Andrew Moffat stood against Douglas Denny in the General Election. He is a member of the BNP. Douglas Denny is an idiot. But he does wear nice boots!

Whatever, the scam (?) originating in Bath, possibly, is calling itself ‘Mainstream – UKIP’, and is again seeking donations. This one uses a P.O. Box number that has been traced to an address on a Housing Assoc. estate (ex-council). This flat is occupied by a, John Hallett, a man who travelled to Bath from London some years ago (at that time he was a UKIP member). On arriving in Bath, he spent some time in a homeless shelter, and sold the 'Big Issue' in Bath's city centre, before being given a council flat.

The question here is whether Mr Hallett is responsible for this possible scam, or is he an agent for someone else. I tend to believe the latter, as I doubt the poor chap has the wherewithal to instigate such a thing for himself. The current Bath Chairman is a local businessman, Richard Crowder, and I'd be more than surprised if he allowed Hallett to be a money collector for the Party, i.e., I doubt this is a local initiative!

End of quote.

UKIP’s leadership are strangely reluctant to discuss the fact that donations to UKIP are being obtained under false pretences.

But this has happened before. Remember the Ashford Call Centre scam?

Ashford was supposedly established to raise funds for UKIP. David Bannerman later admitted that less than 15% of Ashford's income ever reached UKIP! So where did the rest end up?

Donations made to UKIP simply vanished into thin air. Nigel Farage is the only man who can tell us where the money went. And he isn’t talking!

But it is interesting to note that Farage later paid £250,000 into a private bank account.


Anonymous said...

This deceit and fraud could be nipped in the bud if all financial donations were centralised.

Not dificult to do.

Where there's a will there's a way.

Really at the moment, UKIP is just being used as 'front' for financial scams.

These financial scams would probably make interesting reading for lovers of crime reading like myself.

At the library Crime IS always catalogued as crime.

This fraud is the stuff of fiction, but worryingly it is not.

Meanwhile, lots of people are being deceived out of hard earned money, and it is this, that I think makes it all the more despicable.

Thieves the lot of them.

Greg L-W. said...


on the subject of money, UKIP, corruption and fundraising - I gather Tom Wise who was caught stealing tax payers' money in UKIP's name who was aided in various cover-ups by UKIP, Farage who received £5K of the stolen money to settle a personal debt, Coleman who orchestrated an enquiry to cover-up the crime, Knapmann who employed Colman to organise the cover-up, Nattrass who engineered Petrina Holdsworth out of office the ensure the cover-up and various others who colluded in covering up the crime may be interested to know that the Courts sentenced Tom Wise to 2 years in prison for his criminal activities.

I understand being a politician he was let out early!

In fact he only served 1/4 of the sentence the Courts believed he should serve!

No doubt when he was seen in Leamington by a contact he was spending the residue of the money he stole or maybe digging into his £1/4Million pension fund.

I wonder if he still has the Peugeot he bought with the money he stole?

No wonder UKIP have no respect for British Justice and contempt for British values, honour and integrity and have not as yet paid the £12.1/2K they morally owe me.

Nor have they ensured that their agent Mark Croucher honour his debt as ordered by The Court - indeed yet again they are covering-up to shelter a member of the leadership team from honouring his debts.

So very UKIP!

It seems UKIP believe it is acceptable for Politicians and their chums to betray the values of Britain and shelter in their status in the EU!

For more details see:

& of the Court Verdict on Wise:

And the Court Verdict on UKIP's agent Mark Croucher:

Anonymous said...

GLW talking about sheltering under the status of the EU reminded me of Psalm 91.

He who dwells in the shelter of the EU
will rest in the shadow of the EFD.
I will say of the EU, he is my refuge and my fortress,
my nice little earner whom I trust.

Surely the EU will save me from UKIP's investigations
and from the deadly Junius who seeks to expose me.

The EU will cover you with his euros,
and under his various groupings you will find refuge;
his faithfulness will be your
sheild and a hiding place.

You will not fear the terror of court judgements,
nor letters from solicitors that flies by day,
nor the accusations of fraud, fraud, and more fraud that stalks in the darkness,
nor BUNEC (the Bloudy Useless National Executive Council) that is too inept to destroy you at midnight or any other time.

A thousand UKIP members may disappear from the party,
ten thousand at your right who despite being offered free membership refuse to join,
but they will not come near you to give you what you deserve, a court date.
You will only observe with your eyes on Sky television,
and see your enemies destroyed.

If you make the EU your dwelling -
even the EFD, who is given legitamacy and protection -
then no harm will befall you,
no disaster will come near your 4 homes in the UK, Brussels,Italy and anothe unamed European hideout.
For the EFD will command their posess's concerning you
to guard you in all your ways;
they will lift you up by all devious means
so that you will not need to give an account of yourself.

You will tread upon the electorate and the Inland Revenue and open Swiss and offshore accounts;
You will trample the millions you owe and all those who would seek to make you own up to all your unscrupulous doings.

"Because he love me", say the EU, I will rescue him;
I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name, my power.
He will call upon me when he is in need of millions and I will answer him with cash given under the table".
"I will be with him when UKIP and any other British institution calls him to account for his ways.
I will deliver him from the UK Judicial System and appoint shifty barristers to defend him.
With 2nd, 3rd, 4th houses and boats and helicopters will I satisfy him
and show him that there is no-one more powerful than the EU".