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Thursday, 27 May 2010

UKIP: The West Midlands meeting

Last night Mike Nattrass held a meeting in Walsall to discuss the General Election and the widespread discontent with Pearson's performance as UKIP leader. His decision to campaign for Tory and Labour candidates was a particular bone of contention for many UKIPPERS. See: LINK

Dear UKIP Candidate,

You have my recent e-mail regarding the meeting of candidates, and their election agents, at 7.30 pm, Wednesday 26th May to look at the election and improve next time - your input will be of great importance.

Mike has asked me to say that we can also discuss what effect you think Lord Pearson had on the election when he asked voters to vote for Conservative candidates rather than UKIP - all these things can be aired on the night. The South West, Wales, London and the North East are considering a Motion of No Confidence and your input, as a candidate, will be important in this Region.

The venue is the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
If you want to come along but have not yet let me know, please contact me either by return e-mail or give me a call, tel: 07813 153 xxx or 0121 xxx 7737 and leave a message for me.

Regards, Derek Bennett.

There was no agenda and the meeting had little structure. Pearson's support for opposition candidates was the subject of quite a heated debate. Some members supported him, some were unsure and others were totally opposed to his whole conduct during the election. Many were particularly angry that Pearson had expected UKIP candidates to stand down for his Tory chums. Some also mentioned his poor performance during interviews. See: LINK

A letter from Farage was read out to those present. The letter stated that Pearson had his full support. He also accused Nattrass of being behind a campaign to discredit Pearson. Nattrass denied this.

No vote was taken on Pearson. A letter detailing the concerns raised by members at the meeting will be sent to Pearson. What a waste of time. Pearson has ignored all the other letters of complaint that have been sent to him. Mike, don't waste your money on the price of a stamp!

An inconclusive meeting that still leaves matters very much on the boil. "A bit of a damp squib" was how one attendee described it to us. Some of those who attended the meeting had hoped that a motion of no confidence in Pearson would have been proposed. It was not.

The revolution is yet to come. But it is interesting to note that Farage is said to be 'very worried' that the widespread discontent in the West Midlands has spread to other regions.

Will Gerard take up the sword and cut Farage and Pearson down to size?

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