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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

UKIP: More from UKIP East Midlands

And now more from our favourite UKIP region!

Things are going from bad to worse in Derek Clark’s neck of the woods.

Don Ransome

Remember Don Ransome? He was the one who got fined for drink driving. See: LINK

He is also Clark’s Regional Organiser. Or is he?

Don is now telling UKIPPERS that he was never called a regional organiser. Oh, really?

So what about this?

So why is Don keen to distance himself from this position? Could it be because OLAF has been investigating the way UKIP illegally funded their regional organisers via their MEP’s staffing allowances?

Silly boys!

Ransome appears to be on permanent answer phone. And his mobile is just not answered. Wake up, Don! Or is he drunk again?

Feedback from the General Election

UKIPPERS in the East Midlands are far from happy with the way Clark and Ransome handled the General Election campaign.

One member told us that the campaign was "a shambles" and that Don "was bl**dy useless". For instance, members wanting UKIP leaflets were told to drive all the way to Don’s home in Boston because "Don can’t deliver them because of his driving ban". Some RO!

Some disgruntled members have even written letters of complaint to Pearson and the odious Nuttall. These letters concern Ransome and Clark’s lack of interest in supporting branches. They are still waiting for a response. What a surprise!

Several UKIP branches in the East Midlands have now folded.

We were also interested to hear how one elderly member had donated a £1000 to a branch in Clark’s kingdom. Clark found out and demanded the money for his own campaign. He got it.

Deva Kumarasiri

We were saddened to hear that Deva Kumarasiri has had a falling out with Clark. No surprise there! He is now seeking pastures new.

Deva was the former Lib Dem supporter who become a UKIP MEP candidate in the East Midlands. See: LINK & LINK

Farage - always one for jumping on the bandwagon - had approached Deva Kumarasiri after he read how the Sri Lankan had been sacked as a postmaster for refusing to serve non-English speaking customers.

East Midlands members were far from happy when they found out that Farage had parachuted Kumarasri onto the list.

Deva earned even more hostility after he started demanding that UKIP pay all his election expenses, including the deposit. Farage agreed.

Deva also spoke – rather badly - at UKIP’s Exeter rally. UKIP also paid all his travelling expenses and hotel expenses.

It is interesting to note Kumarasri owns two houses and could have easily paid his own costs. It is alleged that he was renting out at least one of the properties at the time.

Kumarasi became almost a daily visitor to Derek Clark’s Nottingham office where he spent most of his time drinking coffee.

During one of his visits he explained how he was having trouble paying off his second mortgage.

We hope that UKIP didn’t pay for that as well!

His classic quote on having met Farage was:

"Nigel Farage and I have a lot in common".

Nuff said!


Anonymous said...

Deva Kumarasiri sacked as Postmaster for refusing to serve -non-English speaking customers.

Quite right too! Silly fellow!

We the British who are hopeless at languages even with a phrase book, and who expect every nation that has toilets to speak fluent English and getting hoity toytty with foreign folk strugging to say Recorded Delivery. Shame on you Deva ...

And what about the inept English speaking customers who like me ask the most ridiculous questions. Will we be refused service?

Postmaster: "2nd Class is £2.75p"
Melanie: " Do you have 3rd Class?"

Postmaster: "Want it to go Airmail?
Melanie: " I don't want it to arrive too early. Can you send it by ship instead .... or overland"?

Melanie: " I don't want this to arrive before next Tuesday".
Postmaster: "So post it Monday".
Melanie: "Monday? But it might arrive Wednesday ... that would be too late".
Postmaster: "So post it Friday".
Melanie: " But then it might arrive too early ... or get lost in the post ...."

Postmaster: "Does this package contain valuables"?
Melanie: "Oh yes!.... it's worth millions .. to me it is anyway ... its very valuable ... special".
Postmaster:"In monetry terms .. what is it worth"?
Melanie: " Money ... ooooow I don't know ... maybe £7, but that's not the point ... it means millions to me .."

No patience? Then don't work in a Post Office ... don't work anywhere!

Anonymous said...

Don Ransome saying that he was never called a Regional Organiser despite having a printed card stating the opposite could be true.

Staff probably called him a TWAT and PILLACK behind his face and to his face "Twat was that you were saying Mr Ransome"!

" Ransome? Yes. Costing us a bloudy fortune ... and now he's saying he is not our Regional Organiser ... but expecting us to pay him the salary of one!"