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Saturday, 29 May 2010

UKIP/EFD MEPs and all those lovely EU freebies!

UKIP MEPs do not take part in taxpayer-funded jaunts, we are told. Well, that policy has obviously gone the way of all UKIP's promises, and we find now Marta Andreasen on a freebie to Greece as part of a "study trip".

10 MEPs from the EFD group took part (a certain number must attend in order to qualify for taxpayer funding). They were well looked after, as they were attended by no less than 16 staff! At least one MEP also took his wife along.

Given that the Greeks are having to slash public spending in order to tackle their deficit, this jolly excursion might be considered somewhat tasteless.

The assorted neo-nazis and racists were met by Georgios Karatzaferis, himself a former MEP with UKIP's old Ind Dem group. Karatzaferis is a holocaust denier, and refers to Jews as "God murderers" who have no right to exist. He believes that 9/11 was a "Jew conspiracy". He also stated that "One third of Greek Senators are homosexuals with Albanian stallions". Some questioned at the time that Karatzaferis was letting his own fantasies run away with him.


Incidentally, Godfrey Bloom received taxpayer funding for his trip to Copenhagen, where he tastelessly praised the killing of a photographer on board the Rainbow Warrior. See: LINK

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Greg L-W. said...


the claim that UKIP is not using its travel allowances for freebies does look like a total lie, in that they are misleading people dishonestly it would seem.

It would seem that they have merely done a swap with their freebies to buy the support of the racists, anti Jewish, criminal element of the pro EU membership EFD group which Farage manages.

It is astonishing that seemingly the UKIP one man band controls the jobs, controls the finances, appoints the leaders, lists his mates to become MEPs, seemingly trouser £Millions, run call centers for his benefit, control the 4,000 account, fire MEPs, employ his family, hire mistresses at public expense, lie to the Courts, defame Government departments, centralise UKIP expenditure on his own gain.

Or so it would very much seem - the clear picture is of a completely out of control venal, self interested thoroughly untrustworthy city barrow boy who has USED UKIP as his personal cash cow and private fiefdom.

I understand the 4000 account or whatever it is now called puts about £3.6 Million into Farage's hands - unaccounted to anyone seemingly.