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Friday, 7 May 2010

UKIP: Nigel Farage pulled from plane wreckage after crash

Nigel Farage had a very lucky escape after his plane smashed into the ground after an election day stunt went wrong.

The accident happened as it was taking off again from Hinton to fly over Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire.

Farage is being treated in hospital after chipping his spine, damaging his breastbone and breaking two ribs in the crash. The pilot, Justin Adams, is also being treated for his injuries.

He was hauled after the plane hit the ground at 70mph when a banner declaring 'Vote for your country, vote UKIP' became caught in its tail fin.

The impact was so strong that the engine broke off and the plane flipped over onto its roof.

Farage’s supporters rushed to the wreck and found their former leader moaning 'get me out'.

He was also heard to mutter 'I'm scared, I'm scared, I'm scared' as paramedics rushed to his aid.

Moments before the two-seater plane had taken off, he joked: 'I just hope the plane doesn't blow up and crash.'

Nigel Farage and Justin Adams are now recovering from their injuries in hospital.

We trust that Nigel will now appreciate that life is very precious. There is much more to life than just enriching yourself at the expense of others.

We wish the pilot a very speedy recovery.

And the same goes for our Nigel. We need him back on his feet as soon as possible.

Where would UKIP be without their Number One Clown and Crook? But Steve Harris may not agree!

We also need Farage fit and well to face ELCOM in the courts. There are many questions that he needs to answer. June 7th is the date to watch!


Richard T said...

Without wishing ill on him as an individual, how can flitting round the constituency in a plane be covered by the expenses rules for elections? Or shouldn't I ask?

Junius said...

A very good point. The Returning Officer for Bucks needs to take a long, hard look at his declared election expenses.

Anonymous said...

Should we send dear Nigel a box of Belgian chocolates and a get well card?

Let's hope our precious little lizard makes a good recovery.

Politics would be a much DULLER place without him!

Anonymous said...

Now that UKIP's pilot is out of action, who can UKIP call upon to fly them around the country. Gary Cartwright?

Ex-Raf, UKIP, could do no better!

Yes, Gary might be tempted to crash the plane when Nigel starts ranting and raving at him, but I don't think he would.

UNTHINKABLE for an RAF pilot to deliberately crash. So Nige WOULD be in safe hands.

Nigel was unwise giving this RAF trained Pilot a hard time. He not only lost a competent Campaign Manager, but also a Pilot too.

A wiser man than Nigel would have slipped a few extra quid in Gary's pay packet each month and some luncheon vouchers and he could have had an employee able to do 2 jobs competently!

Would have saved UKIP thousands and thousands of pounds.

Anonymous said...

Who was flying THAT helicopter?

The Pilot? Well, I am sure he was TRYING to ..

But was our Nige,behaving as he so often does, arrogantly and telling his staff HOW to do their job?

Finding it so hard, to just delegate and trust in the competence of his staff.

Was Nige perhaps INSISTING that the pilot do this and that ..

"DON'T vere to the left .... yes, I know there's a tree there, but I'm sure we'll be alright ...
I don't like heights ... can't you fly any lower ... just descend a few hundred feet ... it's not a lot then I can wave to my campaign team ....