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Friday, 7 May 2010

UKIP crash and burn in General Election

The ancient Greeks and Romans would have said that Farage’s plane crash was an omen of things to come.

UKIP’s General Election results were truly risible. UKIP’s average share of the vote was a miserly 3.1%.

In many constituencies they even came behind the BNP. Frank ‘Baloney’ Maloney is one such example. He got just 1,300 votes and was over 5000 votes behind the BNP’s Nick Griffin.

The odious Paul Nuttall lost in Bootle. This was despite his boast that he would take the seat from Labour. He came fourth with just 2514 votes. Labour beat him by almost 25,000 votes!

And in Buckingham the result was truly disastrous.

We predicted that Farage would lose. And we predicted that John Stevens would come ahead of Farage. See: LINK

We said:

One UKIPPER in Buckingham admitted to one of our contacts that John Stevens, the former Tory MEP, may even get more votes than Farage.

We were amused to be told that Mr Stevens had been referring to this blog (and GLW’s ) for information on Farage and UKIP. Glad to have been of some help!

UKIP’s corrupt leadership were convinced that Farage would win the seat. They poured tens of thousands into the campaign, hired an office and a plane, stripped dozens of branches of their activists and conducted smear campaigns against Stevens and Bercow.

And the result? Farage came third. He couldn’t even beat the pro-EU John Stevens!

Here are the results:

John Bercow Conservative 22,860 47.3 -10.9
John Stevens Buckinghamshire Campaign for Democracy, The 10,331 21.4 +21.4
Nigel Farage UK Independence Party 8,410 17.4 +13.9
Patrick Phillips Independent 2,394 5.0 +5.0
Debbie Martin Independent 1,270 2.6 +2.6
Lynne Mozar British National Party 980 2.0 +2.0
Colin Dale Monster Raving Loony Party 856 1.8 +1.8
Geoff Howard Independent 435 0.9 +0.9
David Hews Christian Party 369 0.8 +0.8
Anthony Watts Independent 332 0.7 +0.7
Simon Strutt Cut The Deficit Party 107 0.2 +0.2

Majority 12,529 25.9
Turnout 48,344 64.5 -3.8

UKIP’s incompetent press office actually had the nerve to claim that Bercow had been ‘hammered’ by Farage.

So a 47.3% share of the vote is considered by Mark Croucher as a bad result? Laughable!

Farage was also described as the "leading candidate amongst the 10 who defied parliamentary convention to challenge Bercow". Can someone please tell them that Farage finished behind another of those ten!

So much for being the leading candidate. And so much for becoming UKIP’s first MP!

It was interesting to note that some activists had refused to campaign for Farage in protest at his policy of not standing against certain Tories. Good for them!

UKIP will NEVER win seats under the current electoral system. They have hit the glass ceiling. Even the expenses scandal failed to benefit UKIP. And the Pearson/Farage policy of not standing against their Tory and Labour chums was a joke. It angered activists, confused the voters and made UKIP look foolish.

The sight of Pearson campaigning for the Tories just reinforced the fact that UKIP is another Tory pressure group. Why vote UKIP when you can vote for the real thing?

And what good did it do? Annuziata Rees-Mogg was a Pearson favored candidate. She lost to the Lib Dems. So was Heathcoat-Amory and Mark Formosa. They also lost to the Lib Dems!

And even Pearson’s favoured Labour candidate in Stroud failed. David Drew lost to the Tories by 1,299, with 1,301 still voting for UKIP, against LP's advice.

And the local elections were equally disastrous. UKIP got just 7 seats (down 5). Pathetic!

UKIP is a busted flush. It is time to give the party a decent burial.


zoro said...

Rofl is this a joke post?

They thwarted the Tories getting a majority and know that there's another election on the way.

The Tories have wafer thin majorities over the Lib Dems in many UKIP strongholds.

It's a dream outcome.

Eurosceptics are holding the whip hand over the Tories.

Europhiles should be worried.

Anonymous said...

Ancient Greeks what would they say? .... Well, I say, this is quite quite miraculous and rare.

That Nigel walked away, I mean, WALKED away. Who has heard of such a thing.

Only Arnold Schwarz watsis his name who name I just cannot spell walks away from helicopter crashes.

Perhaps this is a sign that this country has/will hit rock bottom, but we will emerge relatively unscathed?

With so many debts we need a miracle to get us out of this s....!

Anonymous said...

The Monster Raving Looney Party really did very well I thought.

I mean, unlike UKIP they didn't have tens of thousands of pounds to spend on publicity or to conduct numerous interviews.

If the MRLP had, they might well have scored higher than UKIP!

No surprises there, if they had!

Krupesh said...

Ukip may have its fair share of problems, but as a first time voter i cant seem to find any other party that i agree with the most...who or what is another good alternative?

Krupesh said...

Ukip may have its fair share of problems, but as a first time voter i cant seem to find any other party that i agree with the most...who or what is another good alternative?

Gregg Beaman said...

I was accused of being Junius by the idiot John Ison at the general election count yesterday. You seem to have created such a level of paranoia within UKIP that they are seeing Junius everywhere.

Keep up the good work, although they'll probably accuse me of leaving a post on my own blog now!

Junius said...

So Gregg Beaman has now been accused of being Junius?

That is another name to add to the ever growing list of suspects!

Farage and his sycophants have not got a clue!

Junius said...

Melanie, The Devil looks after his own.

But when did Farage sign away his soul?

Junius said...

Zoro, UKIP's claim to have denied the Tories seats is laughable.

Pearson was telling his OWN party members to vote Tory in many seats.

He even campaigned for several Tory candidates!

Junius said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Junius said...

Krupesh, Don't waste your vote on UKIP. They are led by liars and crooks.

UKIP's current leaders are only really interested in the Euro elections.

A vote for UKIP is a vote for Farage and his sycophants to stay on the EU Gravy Train for another five years

Anonymous said...

All this speculation of just WHO is Junios. Well,have you men considered that it could be, it just could be a woman!

As Graham Norton says every Saturday night "You Melanie, COULD BE Junios"

Not that silly, silly women who posts well lets just say ....rubbish! ... She's only just started posted recently and well from I've read of her she clearly understands NOTHING of politics.

Bafoon at the very least!

Ah! appearing a fool is one of our many and best disguises!

I have been many names over many years and written in many different styles and no-one yet has found our who I am.

Yes, I am THAT good!

Like King David in the Old Testament I who AM Junios can act insane if it suits my strategy.

So, the next time Nigel gets mad at you and hisses Junios, you can point your finger in my direction and say 'it's that Melanie Philips not me'.

Course he'll never find me out because I'm just too quiet, too assuming, too foolish ...

Meanwhile,I Junios am busy writing, writing writing away under one name or other .....

Ha! You'll NEVER find me out!