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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Thinking of voting UKIP?

Think again!

UKIP is unfit for purpose under the present leadership.

Consider a few facts:

Two UKIP MEPs imprisoned from the last Parliament.

Stuart Wheeler walked away in disgust and founded his own party. See: LINK

Farage pays his wife £30,000 a year out of his EU allowances. Refuses to publish details of her ‘employment’.

Farage claimed £2 million in expenses as an MEP. Refuses to publish details.

£211,000 ‘vanishes’ from UKIP’s South East accounts.

Lord Pearson risible in interviews. Completely out of touch with the membership. Betrayed their trust by actively campaigning for Tory and Labour candidates. Now under investigation for money laundering. See: LINK & LINK

Stuart Agnew MEP and Lord Pearson caught on video and audio tape advising an undercover reporter how she could make an illegal donation to UKIP. Farage also involved. See: LINK

Stuart Agnew MEP caught on camera explaining how he, David Bannerman and Peter Reeve are defrauding the taxpayer. See: LINK

The duplicitous Marta Andreasen refuses to continue to be associated with UKIP’s fraudulent accounts.

ELCOM take UKIP to court over illegal donations from Alan Bown. The lies, professional incompetence and irresponsibility of Andrew Smith, Nigel Farage and others earn them a guilty verdict in the Courts. The fines and costs total over £750,000 . See: LINK

Found guilty of a breach of confidence in Ipswich County Court. Fined over their treatment of John West. See: LINK

In 2007 Derek Clark signed an agreement in Bucharest endorsing subsidiarity and the Common Agricultural Policy. Subsidiarity is an EU doctrine which assumes EU sovereignty. Accepting subsidiarity accepts ultimate EU sovereignty. See: LINK

Between 2003-5, nearly 90% of donations into UKIP’s Ashford Call Centre disappeared in ’administration costs'.

Marta Andreasen merely desires reform of the EU and not withdrawal. See: LINK

Godfrey Bloom applauded the terrorist bombing of a Greenpeace ship. One man died in the attack. See: LINK

Public humiliation in Cardiff Court after UKIP and Mark Croucher lose copyright case against Greg Lance-Watkins. Ordered to pay costs of over £8000. Croucher refuses to pay and is currently hiding in the EU. See: LINK

Five UKIP MEPs under investigation by OLAF.

Censure by The Information Commissioner for their deliberate failure and dishonesty in handling of a Freedom of Information Application. See: LINK

The lies and dishonesty of Christopher Gill in his management of UKIP’s MEP selection process. Gill was supposed to investigate complants made about the selection process. He ignored the numerous complaints made and went on holiday instead!

David Bannerman lies about his ancestry. Claims to be related to a former prime minister. Claims later proved completely bogus.

The dishonesty and corruption in MEP placement. Piers Merchant - UKIP's Returning Officer - recommended a full investigation into the allegations that the MEP list was rigged. Farage and NEC refused to do so.

Failure to publish full MEP accounts – the only UKIP MEP to publish transparent accounts has been Nikki Sinclaire. See: LINK

Is it not hypocritical that UKIP should condemn the EU for failing to sign off its accounts while refusing to detail its MEPs’ use of taxpayers’ funds?

Nikki Sinclaire thrown out of UKIP for refusing to sit with fascists in UKIP’s EFD Group. See: LINK

The list is endless!

UKIP is led by frauds and liars. A vote for UKIP is a vote for lies and corruption.

But don’t just take our word for it!

Craig Mackinlay, ex Vice Chairman UKIP, on internal UKIP elections: “I will not be associated professionally or personally with what has become a perverted and shambolic process. Threats from the Party Chairman . . . merely add to the stink that now surrounds this election.”

John Petley, ex UKIP researcher: "It really is now too much to expect the party to be turned round. Even removing Farage as leader will not solve it. His cronies hold all the positions of power, and there isn’t the time to winkle them all out. Sadly, for all the undoubted good UKIP has achieved, it is time for it to be dismembered. The wound is too deep. The poison has spread too widely. In 2004, UKIP had a great chance to advance the argument for British withdrawal from the EU. With the right approach, the argument could have been won irrevocably by now. Independence is so noble an objective, and there is so much to support this assertion.

So UKIP has had its chance and blown it. We are left with only one option - to start again, learning from UKIP’s successes but more importantly, its failures. "

Gregg Beaman, ex North West Regional Organiser and former MEP candidate: "As far as Farage is concerned I knew when I met him, during the Preston by-election in 2000, that he was the personification of vanity and ego with little behind that wafer thin facade. I have seen his childish temper tantrums when he doesn't get his own way, when I was on the NEC and later when I was on the Elections Committee. I have seen him bully people and have stood up to him when he has tried to bully me. He must be one of the coarsest most vulgar individuals I have ever come across. The proposed changes to the party constitution are a result of the complete lack of principle of the current leader and chairman and, it must be said, the lack of courage shown by certain members on the Party's NEC."

Dr Eric Edmond, ex NEC member and former MEP candidate: "He (Farage) has packed the NEC with his unelected nominees Andreasen, Nuttall and Arnott etc clearly to push through yet more undemocratic practices and consolidate his personal hold on the party. "

John West, ex UKIP Branch Chairman and PPC " When I first joined UKIP I actually believed that UKIP was sincere in its endeavour to extricate Britain from the European Union! I must now confess that I was conned along with thousands of other trusting members. UKIP`s MEPs are now part of the problem. Thanks to their love of the good life they have forgotten about why they were elected and who they are supposed to represent. "

Alison West, ex UKIP Branch Chairman and PPC: " After four years of loyalty to the UK Independence Party, which I truly believed once showed such promise, I have come to the conclusion that its credibility and integrity have been destroyed by the corruption, egotism, greed, immaturity, irresponsibility and lack of discipline that has spread through the leadership. "

Richard North, ex UKIP Chief Researcher, writing of Farage: “He cannot tolerate anyone in the party who he feels is or might be in a position to challenge him. He prefers to surround himself with incompetents and deadbeats. Anyone who emerges who might show an independent streak, he ruthlessly eliminates, to ensure that they cannot be seen as competition.”

And again: “(Farage) . . . spends the bulk of his time manoeuvring and scheming to keep himself in the dominant position, while presenting to the world his “boyish charm.”

Bryan Smalley, Party Secretary for two years, wrote of Farage: “He is dishonest and frequently makes untrue statements.”

Anthony Scholefield, Party Secretary for three years stated: “A disturbing feature is that Mark Croucher, UKIP Press Officer, shows UKIP members’ details to Communists and Socialist Workers via Searchlight and Unite Against Fascism. Croucher reports to Farage.”

Anthony Butcher, ex NEC member: “UKIP is now a hindrance to the anti-EU movement.”

David Abbott, ex NEC member and committed Christian: “Our leader issues an edict that MEP’s wives must not be on the MEP’s payroll. Then he is caught paying his own wife.”

And again: “These new revelations were on top of all his (ie Farage) more obvious defects including total amorality, bullying, adultery, and drunkenness, vengefulness and lying.”

Roger Knapman, ex Party Leader and MEP: “UKIP MEP’s met and agreed a statement of practice - first that we would not go on ‘junkets’ to other countries and secondly that we would not employ our wives. This was to prevent us getting dragged into the comfortable EU world that leads to ‘going native’. I am now very worried that this agreement is being ignored and that the attractions of the European Parliament as a career may beckon to some; where the delights of plush new office suites, Brussels titles and internal parliament or IndDem Group politics are more attractive than our original purpose.”

Robin Page, Broadcaster and journalist: “The party created to fight centralised government, sleaze and corruption has become a mirror image of the body it professes to loathe.”

For more on UKIP corruption: LINK


Anonymous said...

Well if UKIP dismantles where will everyone go?

God help anyone who joins the BNP.

Had lots of chats with the BNP, and they are a VERY VERY angry,venermous bunch, antagonistic, hostile, VERY suspicious, FILTHY tempers and they don't suffer anyone gladly,let alone anyone who asks reasonable intelligent questions.

In fact they HATE questions.

They answer every question with a question and go into a rage at the drop of a reasonable remark or even a spelling mistake!

If I didn't know it was a political party, I would presume it was a cult.

So, don't let any ex-UKIPPER try diddlying the BNP out of any money, because they'll probably thump you first, NOT ask you questions later, then thump you again!

I've NEVER conversed with such a vernermous,arrogant, unpleasant people before as the BNP, but then I admit I have never been a UKIP member!

Anonymous said...

They say too many cooks spoil the broth.

I say too many arrogant,swindling, dishonest, greedy, politicians ruin a political party and cause it to fall apart.

Start again.

New pan. Fresh ingredients

Anonymous said...

What will Mrs Farage be wearing when she goes out today to vote and will it be UKIP?

If Nigel Farage says what I think he might say when she puts on her new VERY expensive outfit,paid out of UKIP's expenses of course she might vote differently;

Mrs F: So what do you think dear?
Nigel: Of what?
Mrs F: My new outfit of course. I thought I would wear green instead of my usual black!
Nigel: Honestly. You want to hear what I think?
Mrs F: well...yes.
Nigel: You look like a morbidly obese overgrown green fungus from the day of the triffids, that no-one would want in their garden, let alone in their home. You have the bearing of an idiot with that ugly pink lipstick that shows your yellow teeth.Your silly green hat gives you the air of a dopey lepracorn and your feet are far too big and need shortening. Not only that, your fat, hairy legs do you no justice at all.I shave every day, why can't you? No-one in UKIP would want to be seen with you in that outfit, no-one in the United Kingdom would recognise you as being a respectable politicians wife in that ridiculously cheap suit that is far too young for you.Let's face it you are not a lamb, you are mutton. Old, old muttton! I do not want my wife dressing as a hideous green giant triffid. You are as becoming as a dried up cabbage that has gone past its sell by date at Tesco.

Mrs F: Right dear, I'll change

Anonymous said...

Thinking of voting UKIP?

Are you having a laugh or what!

Can someone please REMIND Lord Pearson it IS election day today and take him to the polling day, and make sure he ticks the right box

That is, unless you want another 5 years of Gordon Brown ....

N.B.SALAMI said...

The only hope for this country is for the anti EU and anti immigration parties to merge.

Anonymous said...

I've just voted Conservative.

What? ....I'm NOT supposed to be voting Conservative? ... I thought that was what I was supposed to do.... Well, I saw Lord Pearson wearing a blue rosette, so I thought that's what UKIP wanted me to do... vote Conservative

No? .. So what do I do now? ...
I've cast my vote ..

Do you think if I go back to the polling station and explain that I ticked the wrong box by mistake, they'll give me another slip to tick?

No! ...Oh bl..... hell!

Anonymous said...

Is the little video our chinese friend has left us to view telling us when politicians are not fiddling their expenses they are are getting their ..... fiddled!

You can't blame them. Those young, very very young chinese girls are very appealing to men and especially to middle-aged past their sell by date with jowls, wrinkles and a paunch.

Just every young girls dream!

In your dreams fellas! She just WON'T be interested in you!