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Monday, 24 May 2010

More from Planet UKIP

Paul Nuttall and those pesky rats

From UKIP’s official website:

“In my time at the European Parliament, I've seen a lot of rats and I'm interested in seeing them wiped out. They are a nuisance and harmful to both humans and our built environment."

Great stuff! So when will you be culling Farage, the NEC and the various useless members of UKIP’s Press Office?

More on John Wallace

You will recall that John Wallace is behind a rather iffy scheme to raise money for UKIP. See: LINK

This is what Barbara Booker had to say about it on the British Democracy Forum:

Further to questions I raised on this thread about UKIP West Sussex and its newspaper, I see that Junius directs readers to comments left on the blog at Junius on UKIP: UKIP: More lies and scams by John Wallace, UKIP's West Sussex county organiser. Mr Wallace writes:


Dear Junius, whoever you are, you seem to believe that our West Sussex website is new. As is stated on the front page, it was launched on July 20th 2007, so about 3 years ago.

West Sussex isn't a branch, it's a county, and as such does not have a chairman. All funding received is distributed in full to the branches in the constituencies from which it emanates. Simple but effective.

I trust that you'll publish my response in full, and I should be pleased to answer any other allegations that you can produce.

John Wallace
W.Sussex County Organiser

It's all very well to state that as a county West Sussex isn't a branch and therefore doesn't have a chairman, but who does John Wallace account to for the funds he has been raising in UKIP's name for the last three years, and who has accounted for them to West Sussex members?

How does West Sussex produce an eight-page colour newspaper without a bank account? And if it has one, why is West Sussex not registered as an accounting unit with the Electoral Commission? Does West Sussex News charge for advertisements it carries? The election issue included ads for Imax Graphic Design, Walter Wall Floorings, Marta Andreasen's book and Nigel Farage's book. If those ads were paid for, where is this income recorded and accounted for?

UKIP already has one level of financial activity, the 'regions', which claim they have no membership and therefore produce no accounts for members. As sub-committees of the NEC the regional committees ought to report to members via the party treasurer at the annual business meeting, but they don't. If the regional treasurer claims that its income/expenditure for the year is below £25,000 he won't report to the Electoral Commission either, so no regional accounts are published anywhere. Now it appears there is another layer - the 'counties' - doing the same.

It's not just West Sussex. UKIP East Sussex has a similar website seeking membership cheques to be sent to the East Sussex County Organiser at a PO Box in Seaford; UKIP Berkshire has a county liaison officer and runs a fundraising draw for county funds; UKIP Surrey produces a county newspaper, UKIP Surrey News, which asks for donations to be sent to John Moran at a PO Box in Ashtead. None of these county branches - West or East Sussex, Berkshire or Surrey - appears on the Electoral Commission's list of UKIP accounting units.

It's interesting that John Wallace interprets questions about his UKIP financial activites as "allegations", when they are only seeking that transparency which he himself demanded of government when he stood in the general election. As an appointed county organiser he is not even answerable to members at an internal election or AGM. Does this mean that 'straight talking' doesn't apply to UKIP officials raising money in the party's name?

To view the thread: LINK

Mr Wallace has declined to comment. He clearly has something to hide!

Farage offered Robin Tilbrook the Deputy Leadership of UKIP

Steve Uncles has revealed that UKIP wanted the English Democrats to disband:

At the English Democrats National Council, 2010 Elections de-brief on Saturday in Nottingham - it was revealed that desperate UKIP offered the English Democrats National Chairman Robin Tilbrook, the "Deputy Leadership of UKIP" if Robin, stood down all the English Democrats candidates during the 2010 General Election Campaign, and closed down the English Democrats party.

With English Democrats comfortably beating UKIP in the more established English Democrats areas, like Doncaster, Dartford, and Raleigh, it is not surprising that UKIP are resorting to such desperate measures.

End of quote.

We also hear that Mr Tilbrook was offered the chance to become a UKIP MEP. Not another rigged selection process?

Mr Tilbrook was wise to decline the offer. Why would he want to be associated with the assorted liars and crooks that currently make up UKIP’s bent leadership?

He does, after all, have his reputation to consider. And how very UKIP to expect Mr Tilbrook to ignore his members and betray his party in exchange for a seat alongside Farage!

Why does Farage assume that everyone other politician shares his total lack of ethics and standards?

And let us not forget that UKIP offered to disband if Cameron guaranteed a referendum on Lisbon. Indeed, certain members of UKIP’s leadership are still willing to disband the party in exchange for a Tory referendum on membership the EU.

Mr Tilbrook could have found himself deputy leader of nothing!

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