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Monday, 17 May 2010

Nigel Farage: UKIP dunce

So now Farage admits that he made a mistake standing against John Bercow!

He told the BBC One’s Politics Show that he had miscalculated the level of support Bercow had in the constituency

He said:

I wasn't to know just how popular John Bercow was with his constituents in Buckingham and that really is what shone out of that result.

He added: "So yeah you could say it was a miscalculation but, you know, you've got to try things in life."

End of quotes. See: LINK

Some miscalculation! And how very nice of him to dismiss the loss of tens of thousands of pounds in wasted UKIP funds in such cavalier terms!

A bit of basic research in the area would have revealed that Bercow is a VERY popular constituency MP. Farage never had a chance of winning. He couldn't even beat John Stevens. And Stevens is pro-EU!

No competent organisation would ever throw all their resources into such an election without first seeing if they have a chance of winning. But this is UKIP and competence has never been part of the equation!

So will Farage apologise to the long-suffering membership for his miscalculation? And how much exactly did this ‘miscalculation’ cost the Party in money and other resources?

It was also interesting to hear that Farage was unfazed by Pearson’s admission that he had not read the party’s manifesto, saying: "If he makes the odd mistake on policy, so what?"

So Pearson admitting on national television that he couldn't be bothered to study UKIP’s policies is ok?

So Pearson refusing on national television to discuss UKIP’s policies is ok?

So Pearson making UKIP look a joke on national television is ok?

Farage obviously thinks so.

Tomorrow is the big UKIP meeting in Strasbourg. You can expect a few fireworks. Pearson may even announce his formal resignation as leader!

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