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Monday, 24 May 2010

More from the wacky world of UKIP

The Fuhrer speaks!

We were extremely sorry to hear that Batten, Dartmouth and Nattrass got a right telling off after some of their emails criticising Pearson were published on this blog. See: LINK

Farage has made it clear that he never again wants to see such naughty views put in an email.


What Gerard later said behind Nigel’s back is sadly too colourful for this blog!

Nigel is feeling poorly

We were also sorry to hear that Nigel's health is not what it was. The recent plane crash has shaken him up rather badly. Delayed shock and other health problems have been mentioned.

Nigel should now do the decent thing and resign from politics. He would be doing UKIP a BIG favour. UKIP needs decent people at the top. We don’t need crooks, drunkards, liars and spivs.

Nigel should lead by example

Nigel still persists in suggesting that people should resort to civil disobedience in defence of freedom.

All very laudable.

But has he forgotten that in 2007 he folded like a wet blanket when threatened with arrest by Belgian police officers after UKIP officials inflated a Latvian made bulldozer in front of the EU Parliament?

Maybe next time Nigel won't buckle so swiftly!

UKIP quotes

Mick McManus on why he didn’t stand for UKIP in the General Election.

"I want to get on in politics, and being a UKIP candidate will totally f+ck my chances in the real world".

Mick should really be careful about what he says at branch meetings. You never know who may be listening!

Peter Reeve shows his true colours

'Wow', I'd love to work here, it's amazing'

Upon seeing the EU Parliament for the very first time.

Borrowed, with thanks, from Rosie’s Forum.

Here is the full extract:

I can remember a conversation with Pete Reeve on a trip to Brussels when he looked gooey eyed at the wealth and grandeur that oozed from the parliamentary building. 'Wow', I'd love to work here, it's amazing' . My answer to him was short and not particularly sweet, but it did reveal to me how he was already in the process of going native, and that was before he was working for UKIP.

To see the original: LINK

Rosie's Forum also has this to say about Reeve:

Pete Reeve is now UKIPs Local Government spokesman and his article on the ukip website has thrilled readers with his attack on Cameron as follows:

'A major Tory U-turn on bin tax has been criticized by UKIP’s local government spokesman, Pete Reeve.

In yet another example of the Tories watering down promises and backtracking on manifesto pledges, new Environment minister Caroline Spelman said yesterday that councils should be free to impose their own taxes on refuse collections.

The statement comes despite a Conservative manifesto pledge to encourage councils to pay people to recycle, and only four weeks after Mrs Spelman claimed the Tories would “scrap Labour’s bin bully policies of bin cuts, bin fines and bin taxes”.

Pete Reeve, UKIP councillor for Huntingdonshire and Cambridgeshire, said: “The Conservative promise to not allow an extra tax on families for collecting house hold bins was just a load of rubbish.

“Cameron's Party has lost its way and abandoned traditional Conservative values. This issue simply highlights what UKIP has been saying all along – a promise from Cameron is simply not to be trusted.With council tax rises rightly capped, but mismanagement and political correctness causing costs to escalate, it will be all too tempting for Councils to take advantage of the new stealth taxes.

Conservative voters are now seeing Cameron and his ministers for what they are – politicians prepared to compromise Conservative values and break promises.”

So then, what Pete is saying is that ukip supporters should not have voted for the tory party, even though ukips leader told them too.

Funny he didn't protest this at the time Lord Pearson announced his intentions.

But hey, it gets better. What's this about mismanagement causing costs to escalate. Could this be something to do with Pete Reeve taking taxpayers money (via the EU) but doing virtually nothing for it (Source:Stuart Agnew)?

Or are costs escalating in Huntingdonshire because Pete claims to work 38 hours per week for Agnew and Campbell Bannerman and also claims to work 100 hours a week in his 'spare' time for ukip (Source: Pete Reeve quoted in 'The Town Crier) but still claims around £5000 a year from the Huntingdonshire taxpayer but only works for ukip. Surely this kind of local government mismanagement needs to be stopped.

Perhaps the Taxpayers Alliance could investigate?

To see the original: LINK

Peter Reeve is currently the subject of some OLAF interest after it was revealed in The Sunday Times that he was being paid illegally by Stuart Agnew and David Bannerman. See: LINK

We were also interested to hear that Lisa Duffy – Reeve’s partner – has been bragging to UKIPPERS that he is to receive a cash bonus for retaining his seat on the local council. So is this now official UKIP policy? Or is Reeve a special case?

So where is the money to come from? Bannerman and Agnew’s staffing allowance? The Eastern Region budget/accounts?

We would advise Eastern Region members to raise this matter at the next regional meeting.


Anonymous said...

Peter Reeve - All that glitters on the European Union Parliament building windows is not gold.

It's bird poo!

The glass attracts birds from all over Brussels ...
leaving their grey smears for you to look at and which blocks your view of the city.

Working in a building that is all glass is bloody hot in summer as the sun shimmers on the glass causing you to sweat like a pig and probably end up like smelling one too!

In the Winter, it is absolutley freezing cold. Hasen't Peter seen Nigel's car rug hidden his seat so he can pop it across his knees when there's a draught from those windows?

Bloudy useless double glazing does not work.

Unfortunately, the Parliament Building big wigs do not allow staff to wear fleeces.

Nigel tried to organise a mass 'fleece in' last Winter, but there was a poor turnout, owing to cold feet and men discovering their balls had suddenly disappeared!

Couldn't make it, that's what happens when your balls do a runner.

That building looks expensive, but it's workmanship is shoddy as you can get.You only have to look at the men's toilet. MEP's are falling off the toilet seats because they are not fitted properly. The toilet lids are a dodgy fit too, causing one or two men to nearly lose their 'little friends'.

How do I know their 'friends' are little? Never you mind.

The canteen is just ok and nothing to rave about.

You can't open any of the windows and have to rely on a poor ventilation system, that leaves you either chilly or overwhemled with heat.

You cannot put up hanging baskets outside on the building because there is nothing to nail into it.

Glass, glass, ALL glass.

Give me a nice old building made of stone where you can hang brightly coloured hanging baskets outside. Where there's a nice comfy entrance hall, with flowers on the table and carpets on all the floor.With windows that open, that you can peep out of and smell the fresh air. With central heating in winter, all windows open in summer.With a canteen that serves 'homely' meals and where Lilian dishes out her home made soup every day. Where everyone speaks English and you don't need a phrase book to simply say "excuse me" in 12 languages.
Where you don't have to wear ear phones and wait for a translator to translate in broken English, leaving you even more confused! Where it is a complete no, no to shout Doesn't anyone speak English here, and speak proper English too"!

There's no point shouting out in frustation to your foreign collegue "TWAT" because they won't understand you.

"What's a twat"?

"You! You don't speak English properly!"

All that glitter on that Euro Pee An building is yes, not only bird s.... but bird pee too!

Bird s.... on the EU Parliament Building windows, a judgement of God of what He thinks of it. Could be.

Junius said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on working in the European Parliament.

You are right about those blasted toilets!

Anonymous said...

If Peter Reeve REALLY wants to work at the EU Parliament, then he could start immediately as a window cleaner!

God knows there's enough of them to clean

Set up his own little one man band. Outprice the competition, or join them, up the prices and make MORE money from the EU!

Great for spying on people in their offices!

He could fix super sensitvie bugs on the corners of the windows where certain groups are meeting.

The possibilities are endless ...

Make tens of thousands by offering the 'tapes' to the highest figure.

If Peter does not have a head for heights, he could always get a job operating the machine that cleans and shines the Parliament £15.99 per sqauare metre flooring.

That should keep busy.

And the exercise wouldn't do him any harm either.

Junius said...

That is all Reeve is good for!

Anonymous said...

If Peter Reeve wants to work at the EU Parliament then why doesn't he offer to sort out the men's toilets free of charge.

That should make him popular!

Getting those badly fixed loo seat sorted out could open doors for him.

And not just to urinals and washbasins too.

Time spent in a mens toilet is never wasted.

It's not only about who know but whom you ... with ...

All those important 'deals' are rarely made at high powered meetings but in the urinals of the EU!

Jeremy Paxman never reports about them though.

I wonder why.

As long as they just shake hands after the deal has been made and nothing else then I see now harm in it ...!

Anonymous said...

Is Peter Reeve a gardner?

If yes, then that explains why he would like to work at the EU Parliament.All those glass windows - great for growing tomatoes, dates, peppers,strawberries ....

Does Nigel Farage a secret tomato plant there ... anyone know?