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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

UKIP: Mike Nattrass leads the revolt against Lord Pearson!

UKIP's Civil War continues!

We are pleased to report that Mike Nattrass is heading the revolt against Lord Pearson - Farage's puppet caretaker leader - at a secret location in the West Midlands tonight. We have been asked not to reveal the exact location for obvious reasons.

Mike has been extremely unhappy with Pearson's support for the Tories. You will recall that we leaked several emails from Mike and Gerard on that very subject: LINK

Several other meetings are planned in the South West next week. Motions of no confidence are planned in several UKIP regions.

Pearson has been inundated with countless calls to resign after he started to campaign for Tory and Labour candidates during the General Election. See: LINK

Pearson is said to be 'shocked' by the amount of criticism that he has been getting from UKIPPERS across the country. But why? Did he really think that members would be happy for him to campaign against his own party? See: LINK

Pearson's current position in UKIP is rather odd to say the least. He has expressed the wish to resign. However, Farage has now persuaded him to remain as 'a caretaker leader' until a Farage approved successor can be found. Bannerman and the odious Nuttall are in the frame to succeed him.

Dear UKIP Candidate,

You have my recent e-mail regarding the meeting of candidates, and their election agents, at 7.30 pm, Wednesday 26th May to look at the election and improve next time - your input will be of great importance.

Mike has asked me to say that we can also discuss what effect you think Lord Pearson had on the election when he asked voters to vote for Conservative candidates rather than UKIP - all these things can be aired on the night. The South West, Wales, London and the North East are considering a Motion of No Confidence and your input, as a candidate, will be important in this Region.

The venue is the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
If you want to come along but have not yet let me know, please contact me either by return e-mail or give me a call, tel: 07813 153 xxx or 0121 xxx 7737 and leave a message for me.

Regards, Derek Bennett.

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