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Thursday, 20 May 2010

UKIP: Paul Nuttall loses the Pagan vote

Photo of the odious Paul 'Benito' Nuttall kindly supplied by Andrew Edwards - UKIP's official photographer. Derek 'Don't mention Foggo' Bennett eat your heart out!

Gerard photographed by Tim on their happy way to the Glastonbury EU Festival of the Great God Pan and other assorted EU approved deities, spirits, imps, sprites, beasties, fairies, devils, etc.

This article is rather naughty. We apologise in advance to our more sensitive readers........

Falling membership, infighting and ELCOM /OLAF investigations are just some of the many problems facing Pearson’s eventual successor.

We would have thought that UKIP could now do with all the help it can get. Even the odd prayer to Wotan, David 'underpants problem' Challice, Christopher Lee or Zeus would not go amiss. After all, everything else has failed!

So what does the odious Nuttall proceed to do? Upset those pesky Pagans. See the article below.

Pagans have feelings too, you know!

We were going to get the Grand Wizard of Avebury to cast some magic spells on behalf of UKIP. A bit of magic dust, a few incantations and Bob’s your uncle!

They even have a spell for making your hair grow back and pushing your IQ into double figures. Mark Croucher, Jonathan Arnott and the odious Paul Nuttall would really benefit from that one.

And what about a potion to make Lisa Duffy slim, clean and attractive? We are joking! There are some things that are beyond even the skills of the Mighty Zeus!

Or how about the spell to make David Bannerman come out of the closet and admit the truth? No chance of that now!

From Champion Newspapers:

Sefton and West Lancashire Pagans hit out at UKIP attack over holidays

The region's Pagan community has reacted with uproar this week after a political party branded moves to let police officers celebrate their festivals as “madness”.

Pat Regan, founder of the Pagan Anti-Defamation Network, told The Champion on Monday, May 17, 2010, that a statement sent out by the UK Independence Party describing a ruling allowing Pagan police officers in Lancashire and Merseyside to take time off to commemorate their festivals as “politically correct madness” was offensive, and called for UKIP MEP Paul Nuttall to resign.

“I was saddened, shocked and appalled at recent comments made against the UKs Pagan minority by Paul Nuttall, MEP for the UK Independence Party. This type of negative diatribe against an innocent spiritual minority may in fact breach UK laws relating to Incitement to Religious Hatred. He may also be in breach of the UN Declaration of Human Rights and in particular articles 18 and 19. If Mr Nuttall values his own freedom of expression then he should be prepared to extend this essential liberty to others,” he said.

“Nuttall's disgraceful language belongs to a radical 1930s Germany and not a free and democratic UK 21st century society. I fully intend to expose and complain about Mr Nuttalls blatant ignorance and apparent bigotry, which may affect many ordinary Pagan families in society. After Pagans who will Mr Nuttall single out on next?”

The comments come after the Pagan Police Association has just been officially recognised as a 'diversity staff support organisation' by the Home Office, allowing Pagan police officers to take time off.

Mr Nuttall, who stood as UKIP's parliamentary candidate in Bootle at the general election, said in a statement issued to The Champion last weekend that Pagans had “unabashed sexuality and promiscuity”.

“These pagan festivals include believers behaving with 'unabashed sexuality and promiscuity', casting spells and dancing around naked,” he said.

“It is politically correct madness of high order for the Home Office to give this approval. Everyone is entitled to their own religious belief and if they want to use their holiday entitlement to be off for their festivals that's fine but it should not be a legal right.”

Lancashire Constabulary said it recognised the Home Office decision, saying:

“Lancashire Constabulary recognises that in order to effectively deliver policing services, the make-up of our staff needs to be fully representative of the communities we police and that religious needs and beliefs should where possible be accommodated in order to satisfy individual requirements.”

End of article. To see the original: LINK

We love this bit from Nuttall:

“These pagan festivals include believers behaving with 'unabashed sexuality and promiscuity', casting spells and dancing around naked".

Sounds to us very much like your average Farage/Bloom/ Towler/Bannerman night out!

Can anyone lend Annabelle Fuller and Aurelie Laloux a whip and mask? Nigel and Godfrey like it kinky and rough!

Aurelie Laloux enjoys a night out in Brussels with a few of her UKIP friends. Ms Laloux is the one in the fur coat.


Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for Paul Nuttall on this one.

The good old days of being able to express what you REALLY think are gone.

No one, least of all anyone in politics can afford to be spontaneous.

Make a mistake, and unfortunatley, people won't forget and they definately won't forgive.

Branded for life, for one 'say it like it is' remark.

It is a shame that we all have to watch our P's and Q's so much these days.

Everyone takes offence easily and everyone has 'rights'.

I suspect a lot of people quietly agree with Mr Nuttall but are too scared to say so.

Junius said...

But watch out for those pagans! They may just put a spell on you!

Anonymous said...

Pagans, might put a spell on me - Good point Junius!

Just asked God to break all present and future spells placed on me.

He'll sort them all out!

God is not referred to as the Almighty for nothing!

One of the benefits of being God, is that He has absolute power and whether you vote for him or not He is still in charge of the Universe and can do what He wants, when He wants!

All the X's in the ballot box could not get rid of God.

Thank God.

Pity all the X's in the ballot box still cannot get us rid of the political pariahs that still continue to exist and influence politics.

Greg L-W. said...


Got straffe England,
God save the King,
God This
God that
God the other thing.

My God said God
I've got my work cut out!

One has to wonder which is the most dangerous construct:
God (including the matriarchal godess Mary and the representation of the Sun God in the halo)
or maybe The EU
or the new religion of the Warmists and AGW (sort of son of God)

It all gets to be a terrible muddle when mankind, with his finite brain, starts inventing Gods as a way to explain the infinite which he clearly can not understand, as someone to blame for inability to control the inevitable and as a means of control in the face of infinite variables!!!

Meanwhile as politicians and their parasites and funded praise singers squander our future perhaps we should all concentrate on the creativity of being the ONLY mammal on the planet providing a net sum gain.

More net sum gain please as the politicians are clearly making an even bigger mess than they have in the past.

Time to worship the biggest guy on the block with the biggest weapon and the most ruthless attitude again I guess.

Well what do you call a 7 foot black with a machine gun - I favour either bass or Sir!

IF he is doling out food and providing security there are times when God might be a most apposite nomenclature ;-)

Greg L-W.

pat said...

Melanie Phillips says:

“Just asked God to break all present and future spells placed on me. He'll sort them all out!”

Is Melanie meaning that her chosen deity will.....

a.)Sort ‘them’ (Pagan people) out by creating a new climate of social mistrust and hatred against religious minorities? I am thinking of the grand old days of Rochdale, Notts, Orkney etc Satan Hunts when evangelical religious types misled police and social workers etc into dawn raids against innocent families.

b.)Or is Melanie thinking of a return to sorting them “all out” by returning to more practical methods of Pagan disposable, as directed by the Inquisition during the happy days of burning and thumb screws?

Just wondering as many (in the know)will see her ‘sympathy’ for the UKIP stance as rather questionable, to say the least and especially in view of the last round of socially-destructive SRA myths whipped up in a similar way to the above.

Have a nice day..