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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

UKIP: Pearson is barking mad

Lord Pearson was recently in Barking. He was there to help Frank ‘Baloney’ Maloney deny Nick Griffin a seat in Parliament.

We can report that he was particularly dismissive of those UKIPPERS who have been less than happy with the Pearson/Farage policy of not standing against their Tory and Labour pals.

He told one of Junius team that he didn’t care what members thought of his policy of campaigning with Tory candidates. Those who had complained were contemptuously dismissed as ‘troglodytes’. Pearson added that “no one would miss them if they left the party”.

He went to say that Farage and the NEC had fully approved his policy of not standing against certain Tory and Labour candidates.

We are rather glad that Pearson has confirmed that Farage and the NEC fully support his decision to help the Tory Party win seats and to campaign at the expense of loyal UKIP candidates, members and principles (note to self: UKIP & principles should not be used relative to leadership!).

Farage may decide to return as UKIP leader after the GE. We wouldn’t want him to give the false impression that had private reservations about Pearson’s recent actions!

David Bannerman – serial liar, idiot and desk fetishist – is also interested in running for the leadership.

However, we very much doubt that he will have the chance to become leader as he is under investigation by OLAF. This concerns Stuart Agnew’s confirmation on video that both he and Bannerman were illegally paying Peter Reeve from their staffing allowance. See: LINK

The odious Paul ‘Benito’ Nuttall still fancies his chances of being UKIP’s future ‘Duce’. His only handicaps are total dishonesty, stupidity and serial incompetence.

He will probably get the job as these are now required ‘skills’ for any UKIP leader!

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Anonymous said...

On the one hand we want someone to lead who listens, concedes and is not arrogant enough to go against the wishes of the majority.

Yet at the same time we want someone to lead who listens, concedes to views expressed, yet at the same time is his or her own person with the gumption not to allow themselves to be used as a 'puppet', of the majority, can take tough decisions,who are bold, dynamic and fearless, perhaps not unlike (Robin Hood).

Everyone likes Robin Hood.

The trouble is, there is a tendency for the 'Robin Hood's' of this world to become arrogant, to refuse to concede to anyone and to even allow faithful Friar Tuck's to leave them and not care a toss.

You can't win.q