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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

And Yet More UKIP snippets

Tory MPs thinking of joining UKIP

We note that certain Tory MPs are thinking of joining UKIP. But what does that really amount to? A couple of disgruntled individuals, failures in their own party, may leave one sinking ship to join another. Remember Bob Spink? He crossed the floor to UKIP, quickly became disillusioned with what he found, became an independent and lost his seat. LINK. As Marx said:

"History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce".

More inane twitterings from Farage Sycophants 4 UKIP

Farage Sycophants 4 UKIP - also known as Bloggers 4 UKIP or Nigel is Always Right - have yet again shown why their resident 'editor' needs some medical help. Abhijit Pandya, former UKIP Head of Policy Research, is the subject of much vitriol after he had the audacity to criticise UKIP's glorius Fuhrer in the Telegraph. LINK. They were particularly miffed that the former UKIPPER was unimpressed by Nigel's "infantile stunts".

Bloggers replied:

"because of the "infantile stunts" that UKIP - and Nigel Farage in particular - are so well known".

So lets have more dressing up as chickens, inflating giant bulldozers, wearing silly hats, purple suits and singing about holes in buckets! Now why didn't Cameron think of that?

And they wonder why UKIP isn't taken seriously!

Farage refuses to publish his tax returns

Farage has refused to follow Boris Johnson's example and publish his tax returns after being asked during Any Questions. LINK. No surprise there. Farage has consistantly refused to make public his exact earnings as an MEP ever since getting elected. This is despite promising to do so in 1999. LINK

Reporter Phil Hornby: Is there something, Nigel Farage, a touch hypocritical about you flying out on these free flights and enjoying the restaurants and so on of the parliament here, and enjoyng the gravy train, so-called, life of an MEP? How do you square that circle?

Nigel Farage: You will remember that right through (the 1999 Euro campaign) that we said we are not going on the gravy train; that we are the only people who are intending, annually, to publish so that the public can inspect them, our expense accounts, our allowance accounts, and the excess that we get - the excess that we are forced to take - particularly on travelling allowances, we are going to be putting into a trust fund and that money will be used to help victims of the European Union in our country, so I do reject the allegation that we’re on the gravy train and there’s certainly no chance of the three of us going native.

Dr Edmond - on his blog - has suggested that Farage will probably claim his dog "ate the letter" when next asked to publish his accounts. Shame on you! That's no way to talk about Annabelle Fuller!

Ms Annabelle out on the town

Annabelle is in the money

Ms Fuller is doing VERY well out of the EU! She currently earns roughly £38,000 per year as Nigel's 'assistant'. And this is one job that she won't get sacked from! Farage wouldn't dare as he can't take the chance that she wouldn't blab to the press about his little secrets in and out of the bedroom. There is more than one newspaper taking an interest in her 'relationship' with the UKIP leader.

UKIP on 11%?

Nigel worshippers are positively radiant at the news that a recent poll has put UKIP at 11% in the polls. That this claim is not reflected in recent council elections is something that the usual suspects would rather ignore. Carry on Spinning!

And finally.....

So that's what made Nigel's plane crash! With thanks to David Icke.

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