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Friday, 20 April 2012

UKIP: Derek Clark now admits that he had to pay back £31,000 in expenses following OLAF investigation!

So Clark now finally admits to paying back £31,000 in wrongly claimed expenses! He claims it was all a "misunderstanding"! So was repeatedly denying the fact to members of the East Midlands Committee also a "misunderstanding"? And was it all just a "misunderstanding" when Farage denied it and blamed GLW and Junius for spreading lies after we first revealed the fact months ago?

More on this later.

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Greg_L-W. said...


it is not just that Derek Clark stole public money as did Tom Wise, nigel Farage, Graham Booth, Jeffrey Tirford - all of whom were ordered to repay it but they have LIED to cover-up their offences.

Clearly under Farage with his Constitutionally emnshrined Dictatorial powers HWE controls selection of MEP candidates etc., employment, and as leader has had Robin Collett empowered to oversee EVERY UKIP MEP's accounts.

It starts to look as if corruption is a part of party policy.

One must remember that Stuart Agnew & David Bannerman are still under investigation for stealing public money to pay for Peter Reeve.

Interesting that although the serial liar David Bannerman has defected back to The Tories Peter Reeve is still listed on his payroll as a Tory!

The media has done its job in publicising the lies of Derek Clark and Nigel Farage and his weasle words about his own frauds and we KNOW that Farage lied repeatedly about Tom Wise to cover-up involvement in the crime just as he has lied on behalf of the odious Derek Clark.

We note that UKIP's in house forum is particularly incestuous at the moment and being rapidly censored to keep the truth from members!

It is absolutely no justification nor mittigation that UKIP stole public money to fund causes they believed in - That immediately justifies The EU in stealing public money to undemocratically fund projects it believes in.

It is repugnant to listen to the likes of Clark, Farage, Batten, McGough, Crowther, Nuttall, Colman, Nattrass, Agnew, Bufton etc. and their claque of wannabe cowards banging on in criticism of The EU when it is proven that they support Farage and the endemic corruption of UKIP and the lies that are openly shown to be Official UKIP POLICY.

NOT ONE of the senior members of UKIP Leadership has had the basic integrity to speak out against the corruption, the lies and the cyber bullying.

Not a single solitary member of the UKIP leadership and its odious claque has had the basic integrity to speak out and apologise to Junius or I publicly for their endless defamatory lies about us -NOT ONCE has a single solitary person identified a single solitary consequential inaccuracy in either mine or Junius' 1,000s of postings yet the 'continuously; and contermptibly drag UKIP's reputation in the gutter by telling lies about Junius and I.

It is clearly shown by one of the blogs that UKIP has less than 0.02% of the seats available in UK Politics and in domestic politics have an average vote record around 1 > 3%.

UKIP is NOT a Political Party in any real sense it is an enrichment system for a small clique of scheisters.

Little wonder UKIP is largely ignored by the media as irelevant with their party entertainer wheeled out occasionally - mostly for obscure broadcasts on Sky, Russian TV or chat shows!

I state again the fraud and theft from the British tax payers is unacceptable and justifies The EU in their thefts from Britain.

Let us also consider the willingness of UKIP Leadership as a matter of policy to lie to the electorate, lie to the media, lie to colleagues, lie to Regional committees, lie to each other and lie to members telling lies about proven FACTS and the people who publish the truth.

It is UKIP Leadership policy to cheat, lie and abuse to keep their place on The EU gravy train - And by this behaviour THEY personally gain and enrich themselves at the expense of EUroScepticism which they have befouled!