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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

UKIP: More snippets, more Farage and Nuttall hypocrisy

And yet more hypocrisy from Nigel Farage

Farage appeared on Newsnight and was heard to condemn the racism and xenophobia of the French National Front. And yet this is the same man who is happy to sit with fascists, racists and anti-Semites as the president of the EFD group. What a pity that the interviewer didn't tackle him over that!

The usual sycophants have been quick to rush to the defence of their corrupt leader by claiming that he doesn't share the views of his EFD colleagues. More lies!

Here's the official rules on forming a group:

Rule 30 : Formation of political groups

1. Members may form themselves into groups according to their political affinities.

Parliament need not normally evaluate the political affinity of members of a group. In forming a group together under this Rule, the Members concerned accept by definition that they have political affinity. Only when this is denied by the Members concerned is it necessary for Parliament to evaluate whether the group has been constituted in accordance with the Rules.


And don't forget that Farage has been more than happy to campaign on behalf of his fellow EFD racists! He even went to Finland to campaign for the True Finns. You can't get more of an endorsement than that! LINK

Two hypocrites enjoying the Brussels highlife at your expense

And yet more hypocrisy from the odious Paul Nuttall

Gary Bushell - the plastic nationalist - recently went to Brussels to look into the corruption, sleaze and waste that is the EU. Most laudable! But how sad that he conveniently ignored the undisputed fact that UKIP's leadership are now part of that corruption, sleaze and waste!

Bushell was heard to bemoan how Brussels was wasting taxpayers money. Yet he was strangely silent on how Nigel Farage has openly boasted that he has claimed over £2 million in expenses and yet refuses to say where the money went. He was also strangely silent regarding the fact that Farage is the only South East MEP not to publish his allowances. LINK

Bushell was also most upset to learn that:

"They have chauffeur-driven limousines laid on for them at a cost of £4.25million a year; all drivers sign a confidentiality clause “guaranteeing absolute discretion.”

What a pity that he didn't ask Farage about his taxpayer funded limousine!

Bushell was shown around Brussels by the odious Paul Nuttall MEP. Nuttall was heard to bleat that:

“Life in the Brussels bubble is completely cut off from the reality of life outside".

Godfrey Bloom was also quoted:

"Nothing prepares you for the reality, the waste, the remoteness of it all. When I first arrived in 2004, I was saddened and sickened by what I found.”

So say the men who lead a lavish lifestyle at the expense of the very thing they professes to hate. LINK. Sadly, this fact was clearly lost on Bushell who seemed unable or unwilling to highlight their sickening hypocrisy.

Bushell also highlighted ‘f*ck hotels’ where EU bureaucrats and MEPs can enjoy the services of prostitutes. We can only assume that Bloom and Farage's intimate knowledge of the Brussels sex industry proved invaluable on this subject.

Mr Bushall does appear genuinely disgusted by Brussels corruption. However, there is little point in complaining about it if you're going to ignore the corruption and hypocrisy of those showing you round the place!

UKIP bomb in yet another by-election

Barking and Dagenham. Goresbrook by-election result
1933 in total voted.

Labour 1113
British National Party 593
Conservatives 81
Liberal Democrats 48

And finally ....  a humorous article from the internet .......

Shopkeepers near UKIP leader’s home pretending not to speak English

goodbye please

Shopkeepers and local services in Kent are conspiring not to understand a word that UKIP leader Nigel Farage says whenever he comes into their shops. Rashish Mahmoud, of Mahmoud’s Food & Wine told reporters, ‘It’s just to mess with his head really, nothing…oh shit, here he comes…what what? Hello please? No paper deliverings today? Yes, yes… We have many, many newspapers…Goodbye please? As I was saying it’s nothing personal, it’s just a bit of a laugh…’

Other shops have refused the UKIP leader’s money saying they only take Euros, Indian rupees or Eastern Caribbean Dollars. A creative rivalry is developing amongst his local shopkeepers as they stop serving him to pray to Mecca or cover the face of all the women on the packaging. His local butcher said ‘Nigel knows I’m English so I put my finger to my lips and then wrote him a note saying that I’d been told that under the latest Brussels directive I wasn’t allowed to speak English out loud because it was racist. He didn’t want our Halal goat’s testicles either, which I claimed is all I’m allowed to sell.’

Speaking in the European Parliament yesterday, Nigel Farage complained that shopkeepers near his home were apparently compelled under EC law to wear German lederhosen and sing the Horst Wessel song every time anyone walked into their shop. However the rest of the British Euro MPs pretended not to understand him, saying they were just doing this job until they had earned enough to go home to Poland.

To read the original: LINK

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