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Saturday, 28 April 2012

UKIP: The hypocrisy of Young Independence

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UKIP's Young Independence has always been regarded as a joke since the removal of Del Young as their leader. LINK. He was replaced by Lisa Duffy. Her inept leadership skills and incompetence as an administrator soon had UKIPPERS wishing that she had stayed stacking shelves. LINK

The membership of YI could easily fit into a small village hall and largely consists of assorted Tory failures and Farage sycophants.

The Mirror has now highlighted the hypocrisy of the group after they revealed that members were planning to use taxpayers money (£8,170) to fund a booze fuelled trip to Brussels. UKIP events co-ordinator Sanya-Jeet Thandi told members that they were going to enjoy "bar hopping" and a "session" in a bar "with it's 2,400 beer varities and 400 absinthes". She added that "I'm sure it will prove to be an ace few days".

But we should not be too critical of UKIP's younger and more naive members. They are simply following the example set by Farage, and others, who pay lip service to anti-EU sentiment and yet  live a lavish lifestyle at the expense of the EU and the UK taxpayer.

Young Independence members get ready for a taxpayer funded jolly to Brussels. Nigel can't wait!

Young Independence members are hypocrites. Their hatred of the EU is clearly measured by how much money they can get out of Brussels. That's why so many of them want to become MEPs.

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