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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

UKIP: Annabelle Fuller offers advice while a Swann waits in the wings

Annabelle and Nigel discussing latest UKIP policy in his Brussels office. But will a new white Swann be replacing her in Nigel's affections? We hear she has a lot of neck.

How we laughed when we read this piece on Ms Fuller`s Athena PR website!

Proactively protecting your brand is crucial in a world where reputations can change in an instant and where stories can remain within easy reach of search engines for years. We react quickly and effectively to manage the impact of negative stories and promote your message amongst businesses and consumers.

Whether it's what to do when a journalist calls, how to answer questions or making sure that they know who to get hold of in the event of a story, we can help you. Chances are, we'll know the people who are calling and the angle they'll be looking for. That means we can help you avoid those traps which can turn a simple error into a story and a story into a result on a search engine.

End of quote.

Bearing in mind what comes up on the search engine under her name, it's amazing that she dares to put this garbage up! Scandal is her middle name!

We can well understand why Nigel has been complaining that she is a "millstone round his neck". So will no-one rid him of this troublesome wench? Any takers? How about a long-necked Swann?

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