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Sunday, 22 April 2012

UKIP leadership try to spin Derek Clark out of trouble.

And so the desperate attempts to spin Derek Clark out of trouble have begun! According to the various sycophants and useful idiots it's ok to misuse money and then lie about it so long as it belongs to an organisation you hate!

And these are the very people who condemn Brussels for 'misusing' UK money to fund various EU projects across Europe. The hypocrisy of this is something clearly beyond their intelligence to understand. Pot calling the kettle black does rather spring to mind.

They also claim that Clark was not doing it for personal gain as he used the money to pay his staff. Another lie! These party officials were working to get UKIP MEPs re-elected, including Clark. And we have already been informed by a source close to Farage that some of this money went straight into the coffers of the UKIP leader. And where did it go from there?

And can we point out that EU money is actually UK money! Clark was misusing UK taxpayers money to get himself re-elected!

The facts are clear:

Derek Clark misused his allowances to pay staff members. This was done with the knowledge of Nigel Farage who APPROVES ALL STAFF APPOINTMENTS.

OLAF became aware of this misuse of allowances. They launch an investigation. Clark is informed by OLAF that he is under investigation.

Derek Clark REPEATEDLY LIES to members in the East Midlands - including members of his own committee - about this investigation. He denies that he is under investigation and claims that GLW and this blog are lying. He even claims that the OLAF case numbers - as published by GLW and Junius - are fakes!

Nigel Farage also lies to members about the investigation. He denies that OLAF is looking into Clark's finances. He claims that this blog and GLW have lied and fabricated evidence against Clark.

OLAF send officials to the UK to interview various UKIP staff members. Clark and Farage deny this when we publish details of the visit. The Debyshire Times contacts Clark about the investigation. He denies all knowledge of it.

OLAF find Clark guilty of misusing his allowances and demands that £31,000 be handed back to the EU. Junius and GLW publicise this fact. Clark is asked by his own regional committee if this is true. Clark denies it. Farage is also asked. He also denies it.

The Guardian decide to publish the story. Farage and Clark are made aware of this and rush out a pathetic defence of their actions in the Huffington Post. It's all claimed to be a "misunderstanding" on the part of Clark. It's also claimed that Clark didn't use the money for "personal gain".

The Guardian publish and the UKIP spin starts!

Here is one example written by Steve Crowther, Farage sycophant. Crowther has been promised an MEP seat by Farage. The South West is the favoured region. So one can naturally expect this odious little man to curry favour with his master by publishing such rubbish.

Steve Crowther, useful idiot and Farage arse licker. Hoping to join the Brussels Gravy Train

From:Steven Crowther
To:Stephen Crowther

Dear All
UKIP have just had the temerity to catch and overtake the Lib-Dems in the polls (consistently, not just a one-day fluke). YouGov, Opinium, Survation have all put us level with or ahead of the Lib-Dems over the past week.

(Junius says: Opinion polls don't get you elected! Just ask Neil Kinnock! And it depends on which poll you read. UK Polling Report currently puts UKIP at 8%. Another poll puts UKIP at just 5%. It comes at no surprise that Crowther ignores the polls that don't back his claims). And recent council elections do not back up Crowther's claim either. In the last by-election they got just 91 votes!

This has resulted in two things: first, the mainstream media have become a lot more interested in us, leading to a lot more radio and TV activity coming our way this week; and two, the mainstream media have become a lot more interested in us, as the call goes out to ‘get UKIP’.

(Junius says: So is Crowther suggesting that the media framed Clark? It was Clark who misused his allowances and then lied - along with Farage - to UKIPPERS about it. The fault is theirs. The media wouldn't be able to "get UKIP" if the party was not involved in such dishonesty. However, we can well understand Crowther's wish that the press would ignore such corruption when it applies to UKIP MEPs. It puts pay to the lie that UKIP is whiter than white!

The first result is this story in the Guardian today: http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2012/apr/20/ukip-meps-misused-eu-allowances

We did, in fact, release our own statement on this yesterday after it became clear that the Guardian had somehow come by the details of this (very old) case, pointing out that it involved absolutely no suggestion of personal gain. Quite the opposite, in fact.

(Junius says: UKIP only rushed out their statement in an attempt to spin their way out of trouble. Please note that Crowther fails to give an answer as to why Clark and Farage previously denied this investigation to members. We note that Crowther states it's "a very old case". That's irrelevant. Fraud is fraud regardless of the time since the offence. And it was for personal gain. Some of the money was used to get Clark re-elected!

Over the next few days/weeks, we can expect more of this, as the establishment try and slow down our advance. The other parties are very nervous about the forthcoming elections, and extremely upset that we have popped up out of the ‘Others’ bucket.

Every attack proves how much we have them rattled.

(Junius says: More pathetic spin. So it's all a media plot to bring UKIP down! That Clark was the author of his own downfall is evident for all to see. That Crowther can think otherwise tells you all you need to know about the level of his intelligence).

Regards, Steve
Stephen Crowther, Executive Chairman, UK Independence Party
Eastacombe House,
N. Devon
EX31 4DG
Phone 01271 813844 Mobile 07775 787579

In conclusion:

UKIP's leadership are all too WILLING to steal from the tax payers for their own gain – thus undermining ANY claims of moral high ground or right to criticise EU bureaucrats for stealing money from the UK taxpayer.

Farage and Clark lied to senior members of the East Midlands Regional Committee about the investigation.

Farage, Clark and their supporters approve of defrauding the UK taxpayer as long as it's used to fund UKIP!

The hypocrisy of Farage and his clique is staggering! So what does the hard pressed UK taxpayer think of that? Are they happy to fund Farage and Clark's stay on the EU Gravy Train?

For more on this: LINK


Greg_L-W. said...


I note corrupt UKIP low lifes are hyperactive in trying to defame this blog and mine.

we have RobFM (could this be Bob Feel-Martinis, as it is in his style and equally beligerantly ill informed!) indignantly proclaiming that Derek Clark committed no crime (fraudulently obtaining public money being found GUILTY, being ordered to repay it and then telling lies in denial of the FACTS & about those who publish the truth may not be a crime in a low life liar like RobFM's book but he clearly has no moral compass!).

He then goes on to libel/slander both Junius & I as he and the whole of the corrupt UKIP team have failed over many years & many 1,00s of postings to show that Junius or I have EVER libeled or slandered or misled ANYONE in ANY consequential manner in or regarding UKIP).

We can expect a low life liar like RobFM as BobFM before him to lack the ethics or integrity to withdraw his dishonest comment and apologise - he clearly lacks the integrity or morality!

Then we have the comment of UKIP's spin doctor Crowther stating
the Guardian had somehow come by the details of this (very old) case, pointing out that it involved absolutely no suggestion of personal gain. Quite the opposite, in fact.

That does not stop a sordid liar and cyber criminal on UKIP leadership team desperately trying to defame me with quotes of a technical fire arms offence from around 1982!

For all his lies, smears and dishonesty Mick McGough clearly does UKIP a great deal of harm.

McGough is another one in the UKIP leadership willing to lie, cheat and abuse to get on the EU gravy train!

May I also take the liberty of pointing out that it is a matter of record that I do not, nor have I ever wished to represent others or live off the public purse.

My political views and comments are absolutely self funded and with no consideration of personal gain, merely telling the truth and stating my views in a manner that I CONSIDER to be my duty as a British Patriot.

Some in UKIP may disagree with me but that is absolutely no justification for their lies, dishonesty and abuse used as they have been completely unable to identify a single solitary lie, slander or libel in a single post I have EVER made.

It must be difficult for them to understand as they support a clique whose Official Policy is to lie to try to justify their self interest and self enrichment by abuse of the public purse.

UKIP are increasingly looking like Anders Breivik as he sordidly seeks to justify his odious behaviour just as UKIP leadership and their claque do!

By all means debate what Junius and I say on an open forum but UKIP can not do that they act as cowards telling lies, defaming and making ad hominem attacks to try to cover-up their corruption.

Who I or Junius are is irelevant and what we do in our own lives has no significance - UKIP must learn to debate based on FACTS and with TRUTH if it is EVER to be cleanedup and made fit for purpose (which I doubt, much as I may hope).

To follow my blog on this issue:
and for the archive with links see:

Do contact me direct if you wish to verify the accuracy of ANY FACTS or opinions I may present, see:

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