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Monday, 2 April 2012

UKIP: Another Farage scam to raise money for himself? And Richard North on UKIP's election disaster in Bradford

Another Farage scam to raise money?

Interesting comments from Geoffrey Collier - long standing UKIPPER - on the British Democracy Forum:

Could fate be kinder on this April morn? Traditionally, the first Monday of the month sees our NEC deliberating about Party matters. Although an unelected NEC member, Mr Clark, following the dictates of duty, is usually among them, and armed with a store of knowledge. What could be more appropriated for the benefit of the membership?

A private limited company has been registered with Companies House named Sovereign Draws Ltd. UKIP staff are named among the directors, and the purpose is to raise money for UKIP by benefittng from draws managed another (unrelated private company) operating from Barrow In Furness.

To avoid those problems of UKIP co-existing with private limited companies, which we experienced with Ashford Employment Ltd, can the membership be assured that the Party now has a legally established relationship with Sovereign Draws Ltd, and the percentage of those receipts to be allocated to UKIP clearly stated? Exactly why these draws cannot be operated from Head Office, is not readily apparent. We seem to have six directors, two residing in Yorkshire, to manage a single activity company registered in Devon, which then sub-contracts to another company in Cumberland.

As the Party Secretary, who presided over the 'Ashford activities', can we be certain that Mr Clark will share his experience gleaned from those duties, with the NEC this very day? As John Milton said, 'England hath need of you at this hour'.


Mr Collier makes some very interesting points. We trust that members will demands answers from the leadership. How will the money be used? And will any of it end up in Farage's Isle of Man bank account? But don't expect Derek "I luv a piece of cod" Clark to come clean as to the exact nature of this latest money making scam - sorry venture. He is far too involved in EUKIP corruption to ever be trusted to raise the concerns of ordinary members during NEC meetings!

Dr Richard North on "dismally led" UKIP

The Purple Scorpion picks up something I might have missed – a comment in The Spectator by Fraser Nelson last Friday, in the wake of the Galloway win, charging that, "the government is lucky that UKIP is so dismally led".

I don't know that leadership has been solely responsible for UKIP's poor electoral performance, but it can't help. A measure of its dismal performance, however, can be seen its complete failure even to mention the "pasty tax" debacle – one of many EU-related issues, on which UKIP has no opinion.

As for the Bradford West contest, in which UKIP also entered a candidate, Farage's comments now look
singularly inappropriate.

George Galloway, he said, "is little more than a political opportunist desperate to remain in the limelight to keep his Z-list celebrity credentials intact", then adding: "Voters have become fed up with the empty promises of the so-called big three parties and are increasingly looking elsewhere".

Well, they did look elsewhere, but not at UKIP. Polling 1,085 votes, candidate Sonja McNally came fifth, beaten by the Lib-Dims with 1,505 votes. Clearly, the electorate was not impressed by Farage's claim that: "UKIP is slowly and surely building up a credible reputation in local politics and giving the others a run for their money".

But, what most commentators seem to have missed out is that, in the 2001 election, UKIP fielded a candidate who got 427 votes. In 2012, a candidate who shared the same name polled 8,201 votes. Both were Imran Hussein, only the second time the name appeared on the voting slips, Imran (pictured) was standing for Labour.

I don't know what lessons we can learn from that, but one can't help but wonder if history might have been different, had UKIP again fielded an Asian candidate.

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