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Friday, 27 April 2012

UKIP Election Broadcast and Greg Lance-Watkins

Election Broadcast

The recent UKIP election broadcast was laughable. The sound quality was poor in places and Peter Reeve's wooden and stilted performance - interspersed with numerous edits due to Reeve fluffing his lines - was an embarrassment from start to finish.

Let us not forget that Peter Reeve was exposed by the Sunday Times after Stuart Agnew admitted on camera that he was misusing his MEP allowances - along with Bannerman - to pay Reeve. LINK.

And let us also not forget that Reeve is STILL working for David Bannerman. That Bannerman is now a Tory MEP is something that doesn't bother UKIP's Matt Lucas lookalike in the least. But we should not be too surprised by this. Making money is all that Reeve cares about. His 'patriotism' is based on how much he can fleece off the British taxpayer AND how high he can rise in UKIP.

It was interesting to note that Tom Bursnall - failed Tory - was heavily featured in the broadcast. This is the man who wants to deny the unemployed the vote. LINK. We note that UKIP's leadership has still failed to condemn or even distance themselves from his offensive views on the unemployed. Indeed, they have made him a spokesman for the party! This can only be taken as an endorsement by Farage. We had no idea that Nigel shared Bursnall's contempt for those unable to find work.

Bursnall's appearance in the broadcast has caused something of a stir in UKIPPER circles. Many are unhappy that this relative newcomer - and one with such extreme views - was featured in the broadcast. As one UKIPPER has said to us:

"This man has only been in the party a few weeks (Junius: It was actually 23 days since he betrayed the Tories) and his views on the unemployed are bang out of order. He should never have been allowed near the camera".

However, Lawrence Webb must be commended for his excellent performance in UKIP's election broadcast for London. His professionalism and commitment to the Euro realist cause is beyond reproach! We wish him the best of luck in the mayoral election!

Greg Lance-Watkins

We note that GLW has been the subject of the usual inane drivel on the British Democracy Forum. The usual Farage sycophants and mental incompetents - of which Mick 'Wolfman' McGough is the main spokesman - have been busy laying all sorts of horrendous allegations at Greg's door. McGough is convinced that GLW is in the pay of 'secret forces' because he can't believe that someone would devote themselves to exposing UKIP corruption unless they were paid to do so by some shady organisation or individual.

Wolfman McGough. Another member of the Farage 'Useful Idiots Club'

We all know that the Wolfman is motivated solely by a desire to please Farage and become an MEP.

It is sad to relate that McGough's limited intelligence will prevent him from grasping these few simple facts:

McGough shouldn't judge others based on his own lack of ethics.

GLW cares about his country and hates the EU.

He wants to see UKIP reformed and free of corruption.

He wants to see UKIP prosper under a leader untainted by scandal.

He wants to live in a Britain free of the EU.

It may surprise McGough but many people - unlike Batten's former bag carrier - are motivated solely by patriotism. Greg is one such person.

And we speak from conviction because we asked GLW for his thoughts on the BDM attack thread. We don't lie, fantasise or speculate about Greg's motivation. We print the truth - unlike McGough and the other mentally challenged Farage worshippers!

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Greg_L-W. said...


I thank the Junius team for their complimentary words.

I have also noted the criminal harrassment of myself by McGough and his utterly impausible claims in defence which in fact compound the crime as all too often it is the cover-up lies that are yet more damaging than the original crime as is clear with Mick McGough's specious and unpleasant efforts at smearing and defaming me.

Being part of UKIP leadership claque and a member of their NEC and a prospective MEP his constantly resorting to lies and childish attempts to defame grounded on a clear lack of intelligence and fact continue to greatly harm UKIP.

Just as have the lies of Derek Clark & Nigel Farage over many years.

Yet again I challenge the sock puppets and brown nosers of UKIP whether in their own name or the likes of Annabelle Fuller, Kevin Mahoney and others posting under fake IDs to provide a single solitary example of where I have EVER lied about UKIP or ANY member of UKIP or ANY of tyheir policies or behaviour in ANY material manner.

Over the years despite their cyber bullying and outright lies, cyber stalking and obviously dishonest efforts at defamation they have failed totally to provide a single solitary example of material dishonesty - CLEARLY if ANYONE CAN in their own name provide any example with link to the actual context and show that it is wrong IT WILL BE CORRECTED and suitable apology made.

I have ALWAYS posted every single comment sent to my blogs which has had an identity shown and does not contain foul language or libel, for which I would be responsible if I published it.

From many conversations with Junius posters I understand they do likewise.

UKIP Leadership team have been shown to be liars, fraudsters, criminals, thieves and low lifes - Yet to date despite their idiotic clamourings they have not identified a single material error in many 1,000s of postings I have made nor I understand have they found factual errors in any of the Junius postings.

The vile way in which UKIP leadership unprofessionally and dishonestly manage and control UKIP being a clear example of their methods may well explain why the British public have so resoundingly rejected them in domestic politics and why after 20 years they still bump along the bottom of British politics with a norm return of 1 to 5% in elections and virtually no one ever elected to ANY office of consequence as a UKIP candi9date - Under 30 in some 19,500 available seats after 20 years!

Thank you again to Team Junius for their support relative to the odious lies and distortions of UKIP Leadership and its parasites.