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Friday, 6 April 2012

UKIP: Cowardly Gerard Batten seeks to waste police time

Gerard Batten is happy to sit with racists and fascists in Farage's EFD Group

We note that Gerard Batten has been busy bleating to the police about Greg Lance-Watkins, Junius and our blogs. Batten is most unhappy that details about his dealings with unsavoury associates in the far-right have made made available for all to see. He is also very unhappy that details about the various legal actions against him (in the public domain, discussed in the EU) have been brought to a wider readership. He even complained to the police that GLW had mentioned that he wife was a catholic and from the Philippines! So when was mentioning her religion and place of birth of concern to the police!

That an MEP can try to use the British police in order to silence his critics and suppress unsavoury facts about himself is a disgrace. Batten should be charged with wasting wasting police time.

Batten is a stain on British politics that needs to be removed at the earliest opportunity. UKIP London has stagnated under Batten's incompetent leadership. LINK. London needs an MEP who will put the interests of London before their own sordid ambitions on the EU Gravy Train.

We urge all UKIPPERS in London to back Lawrence Webb in his bid to replace Batten as UKIP MEP for London!

We also urge all UKIPPERS to support Mr Webb in his bid to become London Mayor. A good showing at the polls will put him in a better position to challenge Batten during the MEP selection process for London.

Updated by Junius 12.33. 6th April. 2012.

1 comment:

Greg_L-W. said...


I am uncertain as to Junius' sources but presume this to be based upon common knowledge amongst some in The EU.

In outline Junius' comments seem factual but naturally, as presumably they were not directly involved the detail, though basicly true, leaves something to be desired and so when I have a moment I will fill in that detail.

True to say Gerard Batten took the low life and cowardly route of trying to dupe the police into the belief that he had a legitimate complaint rather than contact me directly for a right of reply when I published the fact that his repugnant anti Islamic stance seemingly inciting racial hatred based upon his own personal views and superstitions may be based on the probability that his Filipino wife was a Catholic.

He tried to silence the truth by claiming this was abuse and offended him - rather rich coming from him in view of his obscene extremist views and extremist associations with such sordid bodies as The EFD and extremist bodies (in the opinion of many) associated with the convicted criminal Gregory Lauder-Frost and others.

The CPS rejected his fanciful claims after his having wasted a considerable amount of police time in his efforts to suppress the truth!

Gerard Batten would have served himself, our Country and his elected Office far better had he contacted me and sought a right of reply where he could have tried to justify his abuse of many amongst his constituents and his apparent abuse of his elected duty.

Had I had any case to answer clearly a defence of 'Veritas' would have been the obvious course though I do believe that UKIP is yet further demeaned by Gerard Batten's abuse of The Police to seek to suppress the discussion of fact particularly as a public servant!

Yet again UKIP is shown to be very clearly unfit for purpose as it tries to bully members of the electorate to prevent discussion.

My phone number is 01594-528 337 & I am happy to correct even slight errors I may have made in ANY of my blogs should any actual individual wish to contact me with factual details to which they will put their name.

My blogs strive for fact, accuracy and truth and from these details I draw and state my opinions.

You may do likewise based upon the evidence I present and the links supplied.

There is ALWAYS a right of reply, the details of which are readily available.

That Gerard Batten chose to act in a manner I consider to be an abuse of office and beneath contempt in seeking to withold facts and discussion amongst the electorate I consider to be beneath contempt.