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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Greg Lance-Watkins has a new blog devoted to UKIP corruption

We would like to inform our readers that Greg Lance-Watkins now has a new non-UK based website devoted to exposing UKIP corruption. Here is the link: http://ukip-vs-eukip.com/

He has done this - like many Richard North and other bloggers - as google has now decided to remove or censor posts without even having the decency to contact the blog owner/owners. Freedom of speech is now under threat due to this decision. Two of our articles on Gregory Lauder Frost, Gerard Batten and the far-right were removed from the UK version of our website by an organisation called 'Clearinghouse'.

They didn't have the decency to inform us of this decision. They also failed to respond to our requests for a reason for this decision. Both articles simply reported details of a meeting Batten attended - a meeting organised by Frost. They also gave information regarding Frost's past . The articles can still be read outside the UK.

Their is no truth in the rumour  - as promoted by Farage's sycophants and useful idiots - that GLW has deleted his old blogs to escape prosecution in the UK courts. We can confirm that ALL his old blogs still exist.

Here is the proof:






Farage's sycophants claim that GLW's blog are a tissue of lies. And yet they have failed contact him to identify a single incorrect statement or fact. They have also failed to take him to the UK courts for libel or slander. But how can you prosecute someone for telling the truth?

Instead, they get the likes of Mick 'Wolfman' McGough to send over 20,000 offensive and childish messages to GLW's email account in the pathetic hope that this will intimidate him!

Such is the nature of Farage's EUKIP!

GLW's new blog can be viewed by clicking on the EUKIP v UKIP picture on the right hand side of this blog:

1 comment:

Greg_L-W. said...


Firstly my thanks to The Junius team for their comments and promoting my blogs.

UKIP NEC member and proven liar Mick McGough posted the following comment on a UKIP controlled forum:

One cannot criticise GLW's work rate,whatever he's paid.After diligently transferring his rants from one website to a new one he now infests the ConHome website with his dissemblings.

This, as with most that this foolish little man does, this shows UKIP leadership for what it is -

Firstly comment on Conservative Home can hardly be considered work and I have posted on that forum over several years.

Nor have I EVER been paid for my efforts to oppose Britain's membership of the EU - though I do clearly upset the cosy relationship UKIP and many others have in service of the EU!

Cleaning-up UKIP by exposing its corruption and unprofessional ineptitude is the only course I can see to have a Political organisation seeking to Leave-The-EU that is of consequence.

As ever this proven liar and cheat McGough (See: http://bit.ly/J49yQu for just one example!) has totally failed to identify a single solitary instance of my having 'dissembled' or at any time been materially inaccurate!

The criminality of this cyber stalker is beyond doubt though he lies in an implausible effort to cover his tracks.

Mick McGough's smears, defamation and outright lies are well established and constantly bring UKIP, The Freedom Association and The CIB into disrepute hugely aiding the advance of The EU where he angles, wangles and fiddles to gain a position that is paid on The Gravy Train - abusing any and all who he perceives as standing in his way to self enrichment.

Sadly his calliber of individual are all too common in Farage's unprofessional leadership team and amongst its claque of wannabes.

AGAIN I challenge the liars that form UKIP's cowardly leadership claque to identify a single solitary consequemntial inaccuracy in a single one of my 1,000s of postings related to UKIP and those trying to exploit it.

I believe the authors of The Junius blog finmd themselves in the same position of being lied about by the low grade cowards that are UKIP leadership and their claque.

Thank you again to Junius authors for taking the risks to expose UKIP's lies, bullying, corruption, racism, anti homosexuality and its vile associates and allies.