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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

UKIP: Notorious extremist joins EFD group

Frank Vanhecke, former Chairman of the Vlaams Blok, and banned racist party, and subsequently Chair of its successor, Vlaams Belang, has joined Nigel Farage's EFD group in the European Parliament.
Vanhecke is notorious for wrongly naming a number of ethnic minority youths in connection with the vandalism graves in Tereken. In fact the perpetrators were indigenous Flemings like himself.  As a result, he was stripped of his parliamentary immunity.
In 2007, he was arrested in Belgium for assaulting a bus driver.
The Stephen Roth Institute had this to say about Vlaams Blok: "The Vlaams Blok of Flanders has become one of the strongest extreme right parties in Europe. The most serious anti-Semitic incident in 1997 was the attempt to set fire to the Anderlecht synagogue in Brussels."
Our photo shows Vanhecke alongside Bruno Grolnisch and Jean Marie LePen, both of the French National Front.
Nice company you keep, Nigel!

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Anonymous said...

Moroccans were responsible for that blaze. You are plagiarising from an Israeli website which just says there was an attempt to set fire to this synagogue in 1997 and then talks about far-right groups, hoping to link the two in people's minds.

However, this is libel to Vlaams Blok and slander to UKIP, all in support of the Tories who could not have cared less about the Holocaust.