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Thursday, 22 March 2012

UKIP's Idiot of the Week: Stuart Agnew MEP

John Agnew - or Stuart as he likes to be known - is not the brightest of sparks.

He is a self-appointed expert on matters of which he knows nothing, but it is on the subject of climate change where he really provides the best entertainment. According to his blog, there is no such thing as global warming because it was a bit chilly on his farm last weekend. He writes "According to the last figures I heard, we had not actually warmed at all in the 2000s!" Where he heard that we can only speculate. Perhaps he was briefed on the subject by that other buffoon and wannabe Lord, Mad Monckton, UKIP's resident loony.

Average temperatures for the period 2001-2010 were 0.20°C above those of 1991-2000. Not a particularly startling statistic, but one that exposes Agnew's stupidity for what it is.

By extension, Agnew could argue that are no such things as tidal waves, because his farm was not hit by one last Tuesday. But that really is the level of intellect in Farage's UKIP. And people wonder why the party is not taken seriously.

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Greg_L-W. said...


I for one am far more concerned at Stuart Agnew's fundamental corruption and dishonesty than I am about his ill informed opinions on a number of issues.

I wonder when OLAF will eventually acquit its duty under its paid function and pass on its details of the fraud Stuart Agnew has publicly boasted of on his, David Bannerman, now a Tory MEP and Peter Reeve a member of his staff!

The admission was more a boast and unequivical - It is time this tjheft was passed to the British Police for prosecution as eventuall was the Tom Wise theft frojm the public purse that ended with his 2 year prison sentence.

The sums involved would seem to be similar and in addition Malcolm Lord Pearson and his other associates should also expect custodial sentence for their corruption of election law!