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Friday, 1 March 2013

UKIP: There are no prizes for coming second!

Farage's 'leadership' is saved following UKIP's defeat in Eastleigh
We said UKIP wouldn't win and they didn't. They were beaten into second place by a pro-EU candidate representing a pro-EU party. And let us not forget that the Lib-Dems have been exposed as corrupt, untrustworthy and sleeze ridden. And yet UKIP still couldn't capture the seat! Need we say more?
The usual sycophants were predicting a massive win for UKIP. And we had been that they were looking forward to mocking this blog and GLW after we both stated that UKIP would be defeated. It was priceless to see their faces when told that UKIP had lost again!
UKIP's campaign was shambolic when compared to the other parties. But what can you expect when the likes of Liss Duffy and Steve Crowther are involved?
And let us by quite clear regarding our position when it comes to UKIP - GLW and this blog are not anti-UKIP. We are anti-Farage's EUKIP. Get rid of Farage, clean up the party and remove the sycophants and we will happily support the party.
UKIP exists solely as a means for Farage and his cronies to stay on the EU Gray Train. Talent has been kicked out and critics silenced because they committed the crime of questioning Farage's judgement. For example, look at Farage's promotion of the disgraced Neil Hamilton! He is now being used as a UKIP spokesman on national TV. God help us!

Farage has no real campaign strategy and no one competent enough to manage it! Nigel is too busy living the good life in Brussels to worry about that!
It is quite ironic that Ms James defeat saved Farage's bacon. More than one UKIPPER has told the Junius Team that her election to Westminster would have resulted in calls for her to become UKIP leader. As one UKIPPERS has said:
"We want a leader based in Westminster if we have MPs . How much longer can we expect to put up with being led from Brussels or Strasbourg?"
Rest assured that UKIP is not set to storm the House of Commons. Smaller parties always do better in by-elections thanks to mid-term voter discontent with the government and official opposition. They wanted to give all the major parties a bloody nose. The next General Election will see UKIP's vote collapse and the electorate return to their usual political allegiances.
See GLW's tweets for more on this: LINK

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