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Sunday, 15 March 2009

And YET another UKIPPER resigns!

It has been a very bad week for UKIP. The sacking of Tony Ellwood, John West's kangaroo court, resignation of a UKIP councillor, confirmation that OLAF IS investigating Jeffrey Titford and now this:

My reasons for resigning from UKIP by Drew Belobaba (pictured above)

I am writing you to inform you of my decision to resign as the UKIP Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Lewes Constituency and indeed from the Party itself. Some of you will no doubt feel let down by my decision and therefore I am writing this letter to give my explanation for the course of action I have taken.

Unfortunately over the past 18 months it has become apparent to me that the UKIP’s leadership has no interest in taking the party forward and building it into something bigger and better. They have nothing of any consequence to say about the current economic crisis or any of the other serious issues that preoccupy voters choosing instead to focus on peripheral issues.

UKIP has no strategy to GET BRITAIN OUT OF THE EU. We can only achieve our goal by electing MPs to Westminster. Unfortunately, no steps have been taken by UKIP’s leadership to prepare for an anticipated general election sometime in the next 18 months. UKIP also continues to fail to recognize the vital importance of local elections and by-elections as a stepping stone to winning seats at Westminster. Failure to make a sustained effort in this regard has resulted in the British National Party seizing the initiative to become the choice for voters disaffected with the three main parties. The electorate is increasingly coming to see UKIP as a spent force.

Even preparation for this year’s European Elections has been lacking. Hardly any money has been raised to fund the campaign and planning for the election began only recently. UKIP is unlikely to elect more than a handful of MEPs in June. Yet even if every single British MEP represented UKIP they would still be powerless to obtain our country’s withdrawal from the European Union.

For these reasons and others I have decided that I can no longer continue to support UKIP or represent it as Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Lewes.

Instead I have chosen to join the United Kingdom First Party. UK First was founded by former members of UKIP including former UKIP Deputy Treasurer Martin Haslam, and former UKIP Party Chair, Petrina Holdsworth. UK First understands the importance of contesting and winning both local and Westminster elections and by-elections. It also understands that in order to advance our agenda of securing Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union we must focus on other issues that the British public finds important. I urge you to join UK First and help bring about positive change. You can learn more by visiting the UK First website at United Kingdom First Party or by contacting me. If you wish to join UK First, you can do so by posting your UKIP membership card to PO Box 4415 Dunstable, Bedfordshire, LU6 9HG. I hope that you will consider joining and that we will have the opportunity of continuing to work together to build a brighter future for our country.

Yours truly

Drew Belobaba

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