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Thursday, 26 March 2009

Graham Dines: Jeffrey Titford’s 'useful idiot'

I would seriously question the impartiality of Graham Dines - the political editor of the East Anglian Daily Times - when it comes to writing about Jeffrey Titford and UKIP.

Over the last week Mr Dines has been indulging in a particularly nauseating Jeffrey Titford love fest

On March 20th in an article (LINK) entitled ‘ UKIP is alive, well and raring to go’ Dines boosted of his ‘strong relationship’ with the MEP and said that it was ‘regrettable’ that Titford was retiring.

The article clearly illustrates why Dines is bad journalist. At no point in the article does he even attempt to question Titford about the numerous UKIP scandals that have surfaced over the last few months. Indeed, rather than present a serious assessment of UKIP's electoral chances he simply parrots what he is told by Titford.

On March 25th Dines was back with yet another piece praising his buddy. In the article in question he presents a airbrushed account of Titford’s political career.

In Dines’ fantasy UKIP world unpalatable facts and awkward questions are conveniently ignored.

For instance:

He makes no mention of the fact that Jeffrey Titford used to be a member of the extremist New Britain Party.

He makes no mention of the fact that Jeffrey Titford no longer lives in the Eastern Region. He also neglects to inform his readers that Titford failed to tell UKIP members or the public that he had moved to the south coast.

He makes no mention of the fact that in recent months Jeffrey Titford’s visits to Brussels have become very few and far between.

He makes no mention of the fact that Jeffrey Titford is under investigation by OLAF.

He makes no mention of the fact that Titford’s former office manager has made a statement to OLAF about Titford's alleged misuse of EU funds.

He makes no mention of the fact that Titford has been accused of witness intimidation.

He makes no mention of the fact that UKIP’s own returning expressed concerns over the MEP selection process in the Eastern Region.

He makes no mention of the fact that many UKIPPERS have resigned in disgust over the way UKIP is run. He also forgot to mention that Bob Spink MP has left UKIP and now wants nothing more to do with the Party. Any competent and sincere journalist would have raised this with Titford and demanded answers.

One has to wonder why Dines is so keen to hide the truth about UKIP from his readers? One also has to wonder why Archant Newspapers continue to employ a man who is clearly incapable of telling fact from fiction?

For more information on Dines see GLW’s blog: LINK

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