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Thursday, 5 March 2009

David Abbott & Marta Andreasen

You may recall that David Abbott was thrown off the NEC for being critical of the leadership. The following email was used in evidence against him:

Sent: Wednesday, September 24, 2008 4:42 PM

Subject: Football , cricket and UKIP

Dear NEC members and other friends,

Several times my website has pointed out that most of the world's popular games and sports began in Britain because we Brits understood the importance of rules. You can't have a game without them.

Rules have to be fair, agreed and understood ahead of time, and obeyed. If the rules are broken, there are penalties. The rules are not to be ignored or changed in the middle of the game. The umpire or referee has to be unbiased.

This is the British way, and it has worked for centuries. Without rules that are understood and willingly obeyed, nobody wins and nobody has a good time.

Lack of success and a distinct lack of a good time now distinguish UKIP.

Where UKIP has rules, they are ignored if it suits the leadership. Often there are no rules and no rule book. Minutes are not always kept. Rules are selectively applied to favour the few and to afflict others. Lack of fair play is sapping the life of our party.

A recent manifestation was the selection process for the MEP lists. A man who had once been my hero was going to be the trusted umpire who would ensure that the rules for the selection process were fairly applied. Instead there were significant breaches of those rules. Lynnda Robson described breaches that affected her in some detail, and we have all had communications about rule-breaking from many other complainants.

This uneven application of the rules is a disgrace. It seems to have been directed by the leadership.

Until our party leadership adopts again the ethics of its members, which is to say British habits of keeping to the rules, fair play and honesty, it is hard to envision any future success for the party.

This situation is tragic because we were looking to the party to lead us out of the morass of the EU. Instead the leadership seems to have adopted the EU's reckless attitude toward rules and indifference to ethics, particularly Judaeo-Christian ethics.

I am sending this to several interested party members. If you are an NEC member, please vote with your conscience at NEC meetings, and do not succumb to the continuing pressure that legitimises rule-bending. If you are not a member of the NEC, but have friends who are, please encourage them to do the right thing.

Yours sincerely,


David F Abbott MRCP

It is interesting to note that in January’s NEC minutes Marta Andreasen claimed that ‘she got a call from a billionaire and potential donor, saying this had been brought to his attention, asking her to explain this email to him’.

In this statement she was clearly implying that UKIP had lost a potential major donor because of Dr Abbotts’s criticism of UKIP’s leadership. Rather strangely the billionaire in question can’t recall EVER speaking to Miss Andreasen about Dr Abbotts email.

Did Marta lie in order to get Dr Abbott thrown off the NEC? I would suggest that she is immediately suspended as a member of UKIP pending an inquiry into the whole affair.

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Greg L-W. said...


Junius and his readers may find the posting at:
is of further interest and gives more substance.

EUkip members of any morality must be so very embarrassed!

It is time this discreditted, dishonest woman was seen for what she is - a mere carpet bagger without even the fundamental morality to stay withing EUkip's, one must admit largely corrupt, rules.

That this so very foreign woman with her alien aspirations, alien values, alien nationality, alien upbringing and alien, to me, racism as alleged by her former employers The OECD may well fit in with The Faragista Fan Club but reflects ABSOLUTELY NO VALUES which I consider British.

Greg L-W.