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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Bruce Lawson on UKFP and that money!

I have been approached by one of my numerous contacts in UKFP and have been asked to post the following information:

"Bruce Lawson, former National Treasurer, confirms that he never handled any Ind/Dem money during his tenure as UKIP National Treasurer between May 2006 and October 2007.

At least he turns up for business meetings unlike others!

The Welsh Assembly election expenditure of £160,997 (although badly over budget) was transparently accounted for ”.

He has made this statement to refute the allegations made on the internet.

Both Robin Page and Petrina Holdsworth are happy to accept his statement regarding his time as Treasurer and are liasing with him as a member of the UKFP Steering Committee.

Bruce Lawson is a very energetic and useful member of that committee.

UKF is getting lots of new members -see Democracy Forum (LINK)

Await further developments soon.

End of statement.

I hope you get that website sorted out. It needs a total revamp!


Greg L-W. said...


sadly the pomposity of the 'Pronouncement' does make it read like a
Mandy Rice Davies

I am so pleased to note that Bruce Lawson considers the accounts to be OK!

I am considerably more impressed that Petrina Holdsworth & Robin Page are satisfied since I have spoken to both of them - though it is notable that Bruce Lawson clearly is too self important, which bodes ill for the Party, to actually deal direct, which leaves one with the fear that either he is not sufficiently professional to put the well being of the Party ahead of his ego or there is still something a bit 'odd' hidden in the 'Wood Pile'.

I will post more details on:
sometime this evening, by which time Lawson might have had the courage to contact me for a chat as I would dearly love to be able to give my full support to UKFirstParty

I am aware of other machinations withing UKFirstParty from other sources but feel it more appropriate to deal with same on my blog rather than embroil Junius and their sources.

Greg L-W.
01291 - 62 65 62

Greg L-W. said...


I gather Delboy has been dumped and Lawson has taken over doing the web site.

One has to wonder what they thought Del would be able to achieve without experience or any track record - surely it was foolish to leave him with a job without supervision for 4 weeks with Lawson away on holiday.

They didn't even have a CV to go by to establish if he has ever done anything of that calibre or has ANY experience relevant to the job in hand.

Anyway I gather the web site will 'probably' be up and running by Monday.

Unfortunately the first tranche of cash has been paid over by Del so rather than have the courage to cut loose they are sticking with Mulberry at the moment.

More on my blog later as I want to give Lawson every opportunity to ensure I publish the accurate facts to help him and am not further forced to go on hear say.

I guess it depends on whether Lawson is thinking of himself or of the progress of UKFirstParty!

Lets see!

Greg L-W.
Greg L-W.