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Sunday, 15 March 2009

John West to be thrown out of UKIP on Monday

John West ( pictured above) will be thrown out of UKIP on Monday.

The Disclipinary Hearing will be held at the Farmers Club in Whitehall. It is set to start at 11.00.

The panel has been hand picked in order to ensure that Mr West is removed.

The panel members are Yvonne McGuire, Michael Bedford, Yvonne Larg and Daniel Stowell. Three are from the South East. Mr Stowell is from the East Midlands.

Mr West was suspended after Jeffrey Titford complained about him to Michael Zuckerman.

Mr Titford is now under investigation by OLAF. The case number is OF/2008/0764. The document at the top of the page confirms this.

The four panel members are known Farage supporters and have all been told to 'do the right thing'.

John West has refused to attend the hearing as it is clearly a kangaroo court and is in breach of UKIP's own rules. Here is his email to Zuckerman:

Dear Mr Zuckerman,

I am in receipt of your email dated 11th March informing me that you have withdrawn from your involvement in my case due to having been put on notice of my complaint against you by the SRA. I am surprised that you have seen fit to withdraw only at this very late stage in view of my previous objections to your role in this matter .

You will recall that in two of my previous letters to you ( 3/2/9 & 23/2/9) I put you on notice that I had complained to the SRA about your conduct. I pointed out that because of this complaint you had an interest to declare and should withdraw from the proceedings. You declined to do so. In view of the above I am astonished that you are still clearly involving yourself in this matter by requesting further information from me concerning the case. You have either withdrawn from this matter or you have not .

You cannot purport to do so and then continue with your inquiries on behalf of UKIP. It is now quite clear to me that the conduct of this case has been so badly handled by UKIP`s representatives that I have no faith in these proceedings. I have therefore decided to withdraw from them and I will not be attending the hearing.

Yours sincerely,
John West

Clearly UKIP will bend rules and ignore basic legal rights in order to get Mr West thrown out of UKIP.

Zuckerman's kangaroo court would not have been out of place in Stalin's Russia or Hitler's Germany!

For more information see GLW's blog: LINK & LINK

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