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Thursday, 12 March 2009

UKIP North West in terminal decline

Taken from the EU Election 2009 blog: LINK

Angered by the launch of Libertas, and the collapse of the UK Independence Party, a former branch secretary in North West England has contacted us claiming that more branches in the North West have collapsed and members lost in the last 6 months. It is claimed that the following entries for branches on the UKIP national website, for local groups, are odd to say the least.

We are told that:

Carlisle Branch-Doesn't exist.

Eddisbury Branch-The branch chairman recently chaired a gathering in Swindon of disenchanted UKIP members. This meeting led to the formation of the breakaway UK First Party.

Liverpool-A BNP stronghold, the UKIP Branch has collapsed. People are referred to the unpopular UKIP party chairman, Paul Nuttall in lieu of a branch.

Manchester Branch-There is no longer a branch in Manchester.

Warrington Branch-Apparently inactive since 2004.

West Cumbria-Branch inactive for some time and the chairman has resigned from UKIP.

More of the latest horse to enter the Euro race (UK First Party) in the next few days along with a full update on all the other runners and riders, including that Libertas launch. Looks like things are warming up at last.

I agree wholeheartedly with this article.

My own contacts in the North West also confirm that UKIP NW is in terminal decline. Members are leaving in droves and many branches are on the point of collapse. Paul Nuttall is widely disliked and is regarded as nothing more than a Farage clone - he has even started to dress like Farage!

Many members will never forgive Nuttall for backing Farage’s successful attempt to replace Beaman as their lead MEP candidate.

Ironically Mr Nuttall is extremely unlikely to win the seat as many UKIPPERS are now thinking of voting BNP or Libertas in June. I fully expect to see the BNP win a Euro seat in the region.

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