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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Douglas Denny is a liar: That's official folks!

Last week I posted an article on the British Democracy Forum. It was also posted on here ( LINK).

This article concerned the disgraceful treatment of John West. In this expose I pointed out that both Douglas Denny and Michael Zuckerman had accused Mr West of being mentally ill.

Within an hour of posting Denny - Farage sock puppet, UKIP NEC member and useful idiot - posted the following comment:

“It is a lie to say I have accused Mr. West of mental illness”.

At 4.48 he again denied that he had said that Mr West was mentally ill:

“My "story" is that any claim that I have accused Mr. West of mental illness is a lie. Direct and unequivocal”.

He then accused me of lying:

“I will not allow that Mr. 'Junius' is confused, as he is simply a liar”.

And has been proven to be a liar on a number of occasions here on this forum time and again. Why do I call him a liar - because he has promulgated "information" here on this forum which he says is true and I know with certainty to be otherwise ... and obviously done with the intent to deceive.

In other words, it follows therefore he is a LIAR".

Unfortunately for Mr Denny these words came back to haunt when Greg Lance-Watkins published an email written by Douglas Denny in 2008:

From: douglas denny

To: Geoffrey Collier

Sent: Thursday, October 02, 2008 6:03 PM

Subject: Re: Politics and the need for wisdom.


As I have said before - I quite like you as a person - always pleasant and cheerful, full of bonhomie and quite fun / in fact highly amusing to listen to your ramblings, but you are the Tommy Cooper of politics: great fun but no substance.

You have been telling me for far too long about the demise of UKIP; the demise of various leaders of same; dire happenings to and about individuals and events which were going to be the downfall of UKIP. (Like Ashford ...I recall was going to become the Achilles Heel of UKIP with the Income Tax people down on our necks like a ton of bricks you once said ad nauseum.... {wot happened to that then?}.......)

None of which has happened yet. You are the boy who cries 'wolf' - and have done so too many times for me to take you seriously anymore.

UKIP will continue like a planet in its orbit just the same with or without your protestations of doom and despondency.

For my part I am heartilly sick of the obvious machinations of the group of malcontents (of which you are one) who are trying to consistently bring down the leader, and UKIP in general with your bleatings about "probity" and "cleaning-up" UKIP. It is all (sorry for the expletive which I know you do not approve of but is appropriate here on a one to one basis with someone I know) - a complete load of bollocks !

I am big enough, old enough and ugly enough to know the difference between reasoned, reasonable, antipathy and prolonged unreasoned attack. You are into the latter category.

I do not know your background sufficiently well to know whether you are merely a willing dupe in this process, as a small bit-part acolyte of another outside conspiracy/agency involved; or whether you are just suffering from OCD with an obsessive fixation with UKIP and Farage/Ashford in particular; either way you display an overly obsessive disposition to what is only a small political party hammering its way into the British political scene with minor difficulties which by comparison with the major parties are piffling.

This obsessive condition seems to be a common disorder too with some in (and out of) UKIP, in that John West displays the same kind of disposition; and GLW too; and Edmond ....in fact all the "malcontents" ... could it be that the commonality is an anti-UKIP network? or are you all mad?

I do know you are part of a network using the internet e-mail system for co-respondence which appears to have the objective of how you can coordinate attacks on UKIP. You have made mistakes in the past handling information I gave you on a one-to-one basis which I know with certainty link you with GLW ...and yes I know your protestations about never having any contact with him - which is bollocks too - as indirect contact is still viable through your anti-UKIP network and you well know that.

The tragedy of it is, I used to look up to you and your elevated seniority in UKIP in the early days of knowing you, when you were sensible, and you used to speak great sense at the Chichester meetings and think you were a great person, a philosopher who looked deeply into the issues and came out with profound wisdom..... then you went away somewhere and had a lobotomy and returned full of bile and spittle and a burning hatred to bring down Nigel Farage and UKIP along with it. Everything then on from you was nonsense. You now appear to everyone on the forum as a figure of fun ..and it is of your own making with your outrageously silly ideas - especially about Ashford. Most unfortunate.

I look on with amazement at the antics of the idiot John West; and others... and have had sent to me in an e-mail the latest unmitigated drivel of GLW about D.Campbell-Bannerman (and who in the public domain gives a toss what his name is? no one is the answer, and certainly not I ! ); and then there is your contribution every now and then - like the one to me just now - and I think to myself.. these people are either completely mad, or are a part of a conspiracy.I go for the conspiracy.

I think you (all) are linked to BNP or the Conservatives through an organised network to destabilise UKIP. You can deny it as much as you like - but I consider the signs are there clearly enough to indicate that, and using the Serlock Holmes technique .. when everything else has been eliminated and you are left with only one alternative, then that has to be the truth of it. You are part of it Geoffrey, whether you actually know it - or not.

As for all your doomsday scenario you have portreyed .... we shall see. None of your predicitions has come to pass yet. Maybe you might get lucky and something might come of it. I doubt it very much; and if it does, I doubt any of it will be a problem to UKIP.

The world situation with the banking sytem in dissarray, and the Euro close to collapse, our job in UKIP might just be superfluous anyway as we watch the whole thing collpase in recriminations between the EU member states arguing about how to save the financial system from collapse and hanging onto their money and economies.Your bleatings/protestations and those of the other malcontents pale into insignificance.........

Best regards,


P.S. ignor spelling/typos canot be bothered to check... you'll get the meaning of it all. P.P.S I am not bothered if you want to promulgate this, it will be interesting to see what you do ...

End of email.

For some strange reason Mr Denny has declined to comment on the publication of this damning email!

Denny’s rambling email clearly illustrates that he is of limited intelligence. His obsession with ridiculous conspiracy theories is particularly sad. The poor man has become so paranoid that he is now convinced that anyone who disagrees with him must be working for the BNP, MI5 or the Tories! He even believes that MI5 are bugging his house. Why MI5 would bother to spy on such an insignificant little man is anyone's guess!

However, his lack of education can never excuse his dishonesty and lies.

Denny is prepared to endorse corruption, sit on kangaroo courts and support Farage instigated witch-hunts. He lies about decent, honest members and is quite prepared to use mental illness as a term of abuse. Indeed, anyone who questions him is 'mad'.

Douglas Denny is a disgrace to the Euro-realist cause.

It is a great pity that he cancelled his planned move to New Zealand. Their loss would have been our gain!

More information on Denny can be found on Dr Edmond’s blog: LINK

And on GLW’s blog: LINK

1 comment:

Greg L-W. said...


the near appoplexicdishonesty of Douglas Denny and serial liars and distorters like Bob F-M, Mick McGough, Mark Croucher and their ilk when called to account would seem in the main because in over a dozen years they have not been able to identify a single solitary dishonesty on my part of any consequence or in any way deliberate to deceive ANYONE.

They judge everyone, it seems, by their befouled standards and assume any truth published, of which they have no knowledge, understanding or factual rebuttal must clearly be dishonestly presented and be a lie.

I am unaware of a single solitary lie that these low lifes have ever established by myself, Niall Warry, Petrina Holdsworth, Junius, Geoffrey Collier, John West or Robin Page - yet that does not prevent the liars in support of EUkip from The Faragista Fan Club from screeching lies when unable to defend their corrupt position.

I do not include little Joshua Onyons as he is too imature to really be considered and Stuart Parr is very good at publishing lies but to his eternal shame he has shown he is willing to lie behind his silly name but will not put his own name to an apology when proven to have lied on all counts.

Clearly such as I or Niall Warry, Geoffrey Collier or petrina Holdsworth have neither need, nor gain, from anything but the truth.

It is noted that we use our own names and are all too happy to discuss the facts either by phone or in public.

ANYONE with any belief that I may have deliberately misled ANYONE is welcome to contact me on 01291 - 62 65 62 or go to my blogs where I list ALL my contact data.

Contact me and I am happy to provide my provenance of my every claim - also witnesses and cross references unlike the posturing little Denny in his Cuban heels - that I have often described him as little has NEVER pertained to his hight but to his mentality, despite his delusions.

Greg L-W.