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Saturday, 7 March 2009

UKFP meeting in West Sussex

UKFP to hold meeting in South East Region.

Members of UK First Party will be holding a meeting today at the Methodist Church Hall, Perrymount Road, Haywoods Heath, West Sussex, RH16 3DN.

The meeting will start at 2.30.

It is expected that they will announce their candidates for the forthcoming Euro elections.

Their website can be found at: http://www.ukfp.org/


John Page said...

It's not quite too late for them to change their abbreviation from UKF (not obvious what it means, but unfortunately redolent of NF = National Front) to UK1 (meaning obvious).

The email link on their site doesn't work.

Junius said...

There are problems with the website but I hope these will be sorted out.

Greg L-W. said...


it looks as if Del is doing their web site as he is using the same web people as he used with EUkip yoooof - that site was prety rubbish too.

I don't understand the delay as I am technocrass and I could build a holding site within 24 hours!

Probably Del is trying to write a CV so that he can stand in an election, as I have little doubt he thinks he is capable of being High Panjandrum!

Clearly he is not based on his track record as the man from nowhere!

Pity really but obviously he has no future in Politics without a detailed CV & meaningfull credentials, well not in a reputable party!

Try the Tories or Labour or perhaps EUkip clearly they aren't fussy!!!

Greg L-W.

I'm not standing because I'm a master criminal with a conviction for harbouring my American girlfriend's pistol and 50 rounds of ammunition in boxes in 3 separate safes 27 years ago. I am also a bankrupt, mad, dying (ain't we all!), deal in stolen goods and I ALWAYS lie, Oh and I'm anti-Semetic, homophobic and a member of the BNP - well it must be true! EUkip's spin machine in its desparation to hide the truth has said it, so clearly it is true - Oh I forgot I work for MI5, CIA, The EU, The Tories, South African secret Service, Mossad, someone else!

EVERY SINGLE one of these can be directly traced to EUkip - just how much should anyone trust loons like that with a vote!

Look what they did when people lent them a vote in 2004 - well nothing worthwhile for us but a great deal for their personal bank accounts and comfort zones!

That is why I'm not standing ;-)