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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Jon Snow on UKIP

Jon Snow has confirmed that UKIP is now regarded as a spent force in British politics.

Here is an extract from his article:

But what I did learn whilst I was at the EC’s headquarters here in London was that they fear that the next European elections will throw up many more politicians from the political extremes.

There is anyway a widespread belief, both here and in Europe, that the UKIP phenomenon (passionately anti-European) is all but dead. To quote one correspondent in Brussels, they have been “a complete shambles”.

The expectation here is that the BNP could take three or four of their seats, and the rest, if current trends continue, would largely go to the Tories.

The original article can be seen at: LINK

Predictably Farage’s sycophants on the British Democracy Forum have seen fit to denigrate Mr Snow rather than address the obvious fact that UKIP is falling apart.

They have also failed to understand that Mr Snow was simply reporting the view of the EU Commission rather than his own personal views - something that is quite obvious to anyone who takes the trouble to read his article in full.

Farage’s sycophants really need to remember that under his ‘leadership’ support for UKIP has plummeted.

High profile members such as Tim Congdon and Bob Spink want nothing more to do with UKIP.

Branches are closing down faster than Woolworths.

Membership is falling.

Funds have dried up.

Several UKIP MEPs are under investigation by OLAF.

Members are accused by Farage and his supporters of being in league with the BNP, MI5 or the Tories if they dare to question Farage's leadership skills.

Democratically elected NEC members are thrown off the NEC for trying to raise the concerns of ordinary members.

UKIP is now a laughing stock but sadly people such as Bob Feal-Martinez, Michael McGough and Douglas Denny lack the intelligence or the integrity to realise this.

When UKIP is wiped-out in June they will only have themselves to blame.

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