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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Iain Dale on UKIP

Another damning article on UKIP. This time political commentator Iain Dale puts UKIP under the spotlight.

The Plight of UKIP by Iain Dale

The Independent has a lengthy analysis by Ben Russell of the situation UKIP finds itself in, ahead of the Euro elections. I don't want to comment too much on this as I have an article in next month's GQ profiling Nigel Farage and looking at UKIP's prospects, but I do think Ben Russell is broadly right in his analysis, which suggests that the party is going to find it very difficult indeed to retain all their seats.

One thing I hadn't realised, though. Apparently Professor Tim Congdon has defected back to the Conservatives. He is a formidable economic brain. I wonder how long it will be before Malcolm Pearson travels the same path?

UPDATE: A reader points out that Richard North wrote yesterday on EU Referendum that most of UKIP's woes are all down to one man - Nigel Farage. Wrong. Farage is the only recognisable UKIP figure and he has given it a profile in the media few others could have achieved. The problem for UKIP is that is has too many people pulling in different directions. Farage has tried to modernise it, but has been fought every step of the way.

End of article.

I must take issue with Mr Dale over his claim that Farage has tried to modernise UKIP. Farage is not the least bit interested in modernising UKIP. He simply wants to turn UKIP into a petty dictatorship where his word is law. It is his total inability to accept criticism and his obsession with rejoining the EU Gravy Train that has led to the collapse of UKIP. He has no interest in fighting Westminster or local elections and has even suggested that UKIP drop the word withdrawlist.

Farage is a political opportunist without a shred of common sense or integrity.

The sooner he is kicked out the better. And that also goes for Nuttall and the rest of the cabal. Only then can UKIP prosper.

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