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Monday, 23 March 2009

Petrina Holdsworth on Douglas Denny and John West

Petrina Holdsworth - a former UKIP Party Chairman - was not too impressed with the latest inane ramblings from Douglas Denny.

Taken from the British Democracy Forum:

Denny has endlessly revealed himself as a follower, not a leader, one who is content to cover up ,distort and dissemble . HE failed in his duties as Party Secr and now he spends his time on this blog endlessly whining away calling anyone who disagrees with his supposed recollections as liars.

I note with interest his backing for a disciplinary hearing on West who went to the Police with information which he believed should be investigated,which I understand the Police have now sent to OLAF .The letter from OLAF which was sent to Titford ( as per Junius`s blog ) states that OLAF is assessing the information, a case number of ; OF/2008/0764 has been assigned to it.

West received a email 28th Jan 2009 from OLAF I understand confirming that a case number had been given and that he may be called as a witness if any action was taken in the future . So what does UKIP do -yes it sacks the whistle blower instead of standing well back from all of this ,unbelievable. Not only does it do that but it puts a colleague of Titford's in as Chairman of the Disciplinary committee! I am not alone in finding this sort of behavior extraordinary but clearly it is fine and dandy as far as DED et al are concerned. Nuff said.

End of post.

Denny is one of the more obnoxious members of UKIP's NEC. He is quite prepared to accept and endorse UKIP corruption and lies. He approves of witness intimidation, kangaroo courts and the expulsion of democratically elected NEC members who, unlike him, refuse to turn a blind eye to Farage's dishonesty.

Denny is a disgrace to the Euro-realist cause. He, along with his fellow NEC members, have betrayed everything UKIP used to stand for. It is clear that UKIP are heading for electoral disaster under these incompetent and, above all, dishonest people.

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