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Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Bob Feal-Martinez unveils his General Election poster!

So it is true. Bob is living on another planet!

I must say I started to have my suspicions after reading a few of his posts on the British Democracy Forum.

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Greg L-W. said...


is the picture the publican in SwineDome?

I had wondered if it might be the Chairman aka spokesman for EUkip from Wrekin & Telford or is that wrecking Telford (a hard task!) - perhaps someone could give wotsizname a ring on his toy phone #07973 296 118 but don't let on you know who he is because he tries to keep it secret he is so ashamed of himself!

Is he still working in IT for Cap Gemini's team as an IT 'consultant' on the HMRC IT project in Telford?

I must admit it is not surprising he is too embarrassed to use his name as a EUkip spokesman - So that is Bob Spink MP, Robin Page, Petrina Holdsworth and so many others.

Cheer up old chap it will all be over for EUkip soon and I expect you are far enough from the centre not to get caught up in the 'unpleasantness'.

Greg L-W.