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Tuesday, 10 March 2009

John Pratt and the Genius of Bob Feal-Martinez

John Pratt resigned as Chairman of UKIP Wales at the end of last year. However, he remained on their Regional Committee from which he resigned last week.

Mr Pratt decided to leave UKIP after becoming thoroughly disgusted with the way UKIP is run. He sent a letter and his membership card to David 'exploding underpants' Challice informing him that he wished to sever all links with UKIP as he believes that any association with the Party would damage his reputation and his good name.

For some strange reason the UKIP Wales website neglected to notify their members that he had resigned. Indeed he is STILL listed as being Chairman of UKIP Wales!

Perhaps someone should remind members of this committee that they have a duty to keep their members fully informed of what is going on. Would it be too much for someone to remove his name from the UKIP Wales website? Claiming that you don’t have the time - as one of his former colleagues has said on the British Democracy Forum - is a rather pathetic excuse.

Predictably Bob Feal-Martinez - UKIP’s resident legal genius and fountain of wisdom - claimed that the story of Mr Pratt's resignation was a lie after it was posted on the British Democracy Forum.

Despite confirmation that Mr Pratt has indeed left UKIP Bobby FM ( pictured above) has yet to retract his statement or apologise to Geoffrey Collier, Greg Lance-Watkins and Rob McWhirter who were denounced as liars for promoting the story.


Greg L-W. said...


The picture is it the chap in Swine Dome who is PPC for The corrupt and dishonest EUkip - whose wife runs a pub.

Full marks to the old boy he quotes the opinions of his son as if they had stature even though he is only other ranks in the navy.

Greg L-W.

Junius said...

All those who doubt the divine genius of Bob FM must be face the ultimate punishment - reading Miss Fuller's blog for a month.

All HAIL Bob!