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Thursday, 19 March 2009

Fascism in UKIP: The disgraceful treatment of John West

It has now been confirmed that John West was thrown out of UKIP on Monday.

Derek Clark - under investigation by OLAF - was shamefully allowed to chair the hearing!

As Mr West has pointed out in an email to Zuckerman:

‘As a member of the NEC Derek Clark is the subject of complaints to the ICO and the Police. I am also taking legal action against UKIP over the MEP selection process and the Youtube leak.

Mr Clark could very well be called as a defendant in this case.

Derek Clark has an interest to declare and cannot be considered impartial’.

Jeffrey Titford - also under investigation by OLAF - was unbelievably allowed to use UKIP’s disciplinary panel to intimidate Mr West despite being made aware that West could be called to give evidence against him in a court of law!

I would urge Mr West to contact the Law Society and his solicitor about Zuckerman’s disgraceful involvement in this matter. Witness intimidation is a very serious matter as I am sure UKIP will shortly discover.

Mr West has been the victim of a concerted smear campaign that dates back to late 2007:

Mr West’s MEP video interview was placed on the internet. It was given the mocking title ‘How not to do politics’. To this day UKIP has refused to apologise to him for this.

Jeffrey Titford used UKIP’s email database to attack Mr West for holding a conference on Law and Order. This was done after he failed to give Stuart Gulleford - Titford’s favoured successor - a slot on the panel.

Mr West was denied the right to take his elected place on the NEC.

David Challice put Mr West’s NEC nomination papers in an envelope posted in Liverpool. Challice then claimed that West had missed the deadline for nomination papers.

Mr West was suspended from the Party for reporting an alleged crime to the police. He was forced to do this after UKIP’s leadership refused to investigate the matter.

Mr West was assaulted by Peter Reeve - a UKIP Regional Organiser - at a UKIP meeting in Cambridge.

Michael Zuckerman and Douglas Denny accused Mr West of suffering from mental illness. Both have refused to retract their statements or apologise.

Predictably Farage’s sycophants such as Bob Feal-Martinez have applauded Clark’s decision to remove Mr West. Apparently he ‘got what he deserved’.

Geoffrey Collier summed up the feelings of many when he wrote:

Bob FM: With your usual generosity of spirit; without knowing the facts, presented by a MEP being investigated himself, you have no doubt as to the justice that John West deserves. You are an unpleasant, crude, semi-literate individual, who has greatly harmed this Party.

You may recall, that that John West has other matters outstanding, which he has been advised by a judge to transfer to a Judicial Review. Let us see what now evolves.

I would suggest that the likes of Jeffrey Titford, David Bannerman, Stuart Gulleford, Derek Clark, Michael Zuckerman, Nigel Farage and Paul Nuttall make the most of their pyricc victory.

In less than three months UKIP will be a spent force in British politics. All their efforts to prevent Mr West being selected as an MEP candidate will have been for nothing.

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