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Saturday, 7 March 2009

Del Young to resign from UKIP

It is with great sadness that I have to report that Del Young will be resigning from UKIP in the very near future. This follows his decision not to seek re-election to UKIP’s NEC.

I was always been a great supporter of Mr Young and often argued with the leadership that he should have been allowed to represent UKIP on programmes such as Question Time and Newsnight.

I have to say that Farage always refused this request claiming that television companies were only interested in speaking to the leader. In fact it was Nigel’s insecurity, suspicions that Del wanted to be leader and above all Farage’s obsession with being the centre of attention that prevented Del from representing UKIP on television and radio.

Yet again Farage has driven out another popular and able member of UKIP.

Where will this madness end? What other party would drive out it's most talented members simply to satisfy the ego and insecurity of one man?

I am beginning to think that Nigel won’t be content until he is the last member left!

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