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Tuesday, 10 March 2009

More from Robin Page: UKIP and 'Chicken' Farage

Taken from Robin's blog: link

Although I have been doing this blog for well over a month I am still feeling extremely innocent and ill informed about the whole process.

Here I sit at my computer – I press a button and the blog has gone. Then astonishing things happen. Yes, it appears almost instantly on Daily Mail Online. But within minutes it appears on other sites, and forget the Mail postings, it is dissected here there and every where.

Simultaneously I become the biggest hero or the most ego-tripping scoundrel on the planet – extraordinary. There are some people out there who clearly have a lot of time on their hands.

Yesterday’s blog was quite exceptional; it was a straightforward account of what had happened on Saturday and Sunday. Sadly, for many people it simply confirmed how they viewed UKIP and its leader Nigel Farage.

To others however, I had made it all up – it was fiction. No TV programme was listed with Page v Farage as part of its content – and why should Farage take part in a programme with me when I "hate" him.

In fact I don’t hate Nigel Farage – I would like to talk to him and I would like to like him again – but he won’t speak to me. In fact I feel extremely sorry for him and I am not being patronising. Here is a man of talent who does not seem capable of using it properly; he appears to be on a "power trip". In the process he has got a shovel, he has dug himself into a hole, and instead of coming out, dusting himself down with a bit of humility, and starting again – he has continued digging.

For the record I was due to be part of Adam Boulton’s Sunday Live at 10.45 last Sunday. Adam Boulton was away, but obviously the programme continues without him. We were to be followed by William Hague and Jacqui Smith. Nigel Farage refused to be on the programme if I was on it – UKIP’s Press Officer apparently became extremely agitated and excited, and so the whole item was pulled.

The producer was astonished. She was full of apologies and said: "William Hague and Jacqi Smith knew that they would be taking opposing views. They weren’t concerned about who would be speaking first or second because they can handle it – but Nigel Farage was due to talk second anyway – so what was the problem? It was all very unprofessional". So Nigel Farage had again become Nigel Mirage.

There we have it – UKIP the Party that complains about the manipulation and censorship of politics and news by Europe and the BBC, wanted to indulge in a bit of political manipulation and censorship. You couldn’t make it up could you?

Heaven help us if ever UKIP were to gain power – fortunately, before that happens, there is more chance of Timbuktu hosting the Winter Olympics.

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Greg L-W. said...


is that Blob running away back to SwineDome?

They are all wrong about him you know they thought he was PPC for EUkip - I don't think so, even EUkip aren't that pressed (have you seen those terrible videos?)

Did they mean thet whilst his poor wife ran the pub he was kept bust with the PPC?

Purple People Carrier!


Greg L-W.