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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Farage Sycophants 4 UKIP or why Nigel Farage is getting very worried about Petrina

Nigel Farage is extremely concerned that Petrina Holdsworth is standing against him as a UK First Party MEP candidate in the Euro elections.

In desperation he has ordered Stuart Parr and Bloggers 4 UKIP - also known as Farage Sycophants 4 UKIP- to attack UKFP at regular intervals.

In two separate articles Parr and Bloggers 4 UKIP have attacked UKFP for being fascist. In one article they state that:

The motto of the UK First Party is "Country before self" - a rallying call for fascists everywhere, very Musollini-esque.

Fascism is a radical, authoritarian nationalist ideology that aims to create a single-party state with a government led by a dictator who seeks national unity and development by requiring individuals to subordinate self-interest to the collective interest of the nation or race.

Perhaps someone should ask Mr Parr to take a closer look at UKIP before making such rash statements about another political party.

Under Farage UKIP has become a centralised, fascist style party.

The NEC is filled with compliant nodding donkeys who do as they are told.

David Abbott and Eric Edmond were thrown off the NEC for criticising the leader and for raising concerns about the MEP selection process.

Martin Haslam was thrown off the NEC after calling on Farage to authorise an independent audit of Ind Dem finances.

MEP selection rules were ignored in order to get favoured candidates onto the lists.

Any member who dares question Farage’s leadership is denounced as a BNP supporter.

Attempts were made by the leadership to introduce new disciplinary rules that would have given Paul Nuttall the right to suspend members without explanation.

Complaints are ignored by the leadership. Those making the complaints are then either hounded out of the Party or leave in disgust.

What have you to say about that Mr Parr? Are these not the actions of a fascist style party?

I also note that when Bob Spink first joined UKIP ( London Region - UK Independence Party ) he said that he would “put his country before his career in joining UKIP.” This is very similar to the slogan of UKFP.

But this use of ‘fascist’ slogans doesn’t end there for Nigel Farage also used a similar phrase in a report on a BBC News website. In the report he is quoted as saying "that the time has come to put country before party". For the full article see: BBC NEWS Politics Tory peers in UKIP support row

According to Mr Parr’s criteria both Bob Spink and Nigel Farage must be fascist.

Mr Parr and ‘Bloggers 4 UKIP’ should remember that people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!


Greg L-W. said...


I don't think Petrina Holdsworth has much to fear from young little Stuart Parr who knows his position well as a liar and a cheat acting as a goffer for The corrupt Faragista Fan Club.

He rightly hides behind a silly name much of the time in the WonkitZone!

There are others willing to lie and cheat like the pimply little schoolboy Joshua Onyons who double acts with Stuart and a few paid lakeys (not to mention all sorts of false names!) on Bloggers4Ukip which is clearly an approved site of UKIP using their colours and direct linkages.

EUkip's desparation as their house of cards collapses without competent leadership and a leader best known for his drunken womanising than for any political gravitas, when not dressed as chicken or playing the fool with toy tanks!

No amount of swanning around trying to get soundbites on the meeeeja will overcome the seriously bad publicity they have earned since Farage dishonestly seized the leadership & huge amounts of money are unaccounted for.

Good Luck Petrina Holdsworth - anything to prevent these United Kingdoms being represented by the corrupt EUkip or their vile chums The BNP.

Greg L-W.
for more info on UKFirstParty see:

wonkotsane said...

In desperation he has ordered Stuart Parr and Bloggers 4 UKIP - also known as Farage Sycophants 4 UKIP- to attack UKFP at regular intervals.
Nobody has ordered or asked me to do anything. I will write what I want when I want. If anybody at UKIP - Farage or otherwise - ordered me to write something I'd tell them to politely go forth and multiply. You can lie about Bloggers4UKIP being under the control of UKIP or Farage as much as you want, it won't change the fact that the party has nothing to do with the site and never will.

Junius said...

Mr Parr, I note you have failed to deny any of the points raised in my original post.

Fact: Bloggers 4 UKIP is run by UKIP staffers.

Fact: It is linked to the official UKIP website.

Fact: Farage keeps a close eye on the contents of the your site.

Do you really think that Farage would allow you to continue if he did not approve of what you are doing?

I also note that for a supposedly ‘independent’ blog you have failed to mention the recent resignations of Tim Congdon, Bob Spink, Peter Baden and Drew Belobaba.

You have failed to acknowledge the fact that both Jeffrey Titford and Derek Clark are under investigation by OLAF.

You also fail to mention that the BNP are getting more votes than UKIP and are expected to win MEP seats in June.

Aren’t any of these stories worthy of comment?

JoshONyons said...

Fact: Bloggers 4 UKIP is run by UKIP staffers.

No its not , if so who ?

Do you really think that Farage would allow you to continue if he did not approve of what you are doing?

Whats there to disapprove of ?
He couldnt do anything anyway he has as much control over it as he has over yours.

Ps , Greg I really do feel sorry for you !

Junius said...

More spin from Josh!

Still ignoring all the problems in UKIP!

Are you still posting as Brad 12 on the Democracy Forum?

JoshONyons said...

Nope I dont post on the Forum anymore.

Hey Wonko I didnt know we are UKIP staffers. When do you think they'll pay us our wages ?

As Junius is a paid employee and receipt of EU money do you think he'll pay us ?

Hmmm Gravy anyone ? ? ? ?

wonkotsane said...

Who's a UKIP staffer?

Bloggers4UKIP is linked to from lots of UKIP websites and links to lots of UKIP websites but not linked to UKIP other than being written by UKIP supporters. It's also linked to from other UKIP supporting websites and links to UKIP supporting websites that are also not linked to UKIP. It's in UKIP colours because it's a UKIP supporting blog. You'll find a lot of UKIP supporting blogs are also in UKIP colours. Trixy, for instance, uses the default pink Blogger theme that's quite UKIP'esque - it doesn't mean that she, or Blogger, are linked to UKIP.

Farage is a technophobe - he doesn't even use a mobile phone. Is he interested in blogs? I would find that very unlikely. If, by some miracle, he took an interest in Bloggers4UKIP and took umbrage at something on it, what would he do? He doesn't allow Bloggers4UKIP to continue any more than he allows any other blog to continue on account of the fact that it's chuff all to do with him or the party.

I write about what I want to write about when I get the time to write. The other authors do the same. If any of us was getting paid by UKIP to write a blog then there would be a lot more on there. There are only so many hours in the day and not enough to write on blogs and respond to rubbish like this. If you want to carry on pissing in the wind that's your choice,but I really do have other things to spend my time on.

Junius said...

Dear Josh,

Glad to hear that you have dumped all your sock puppets.

Thanks for telling me that I get money from the EU - just like Farage, Bannerman, Bloom, Clark, Titford and all the rest.

Junius said...

Mr Parr,

I note that you still refuse to deal with the fact that UKIP has become a fascist style party since Farage became leader.

You make crass statements about UKFP but ignore the serious problems in UKIP.

Wake up!

Greg L-W. said...


it is interesting to note that little Joshua Onyons and his chum Stuart Parr have failed totally to answer a single solitary point that has been made exposing them either on this blog or in comments or elsewhere.

It seems they liken their association with Farage & EUkip with that of the foul mouthed Annabelle Fuller - I very much doubt they are that close!

Are they salaried in the same manner and would Farage blatantly lie in the National Press on their behalf as he has done for Fuller.

Young Stuart Parr repeatedly has better things to do - PLEASE pop off and do them since your childish posturing does little to extricayte these United Kingdoms from the EU, propining up the lies, bullying and corruption that is EUkip.

Interesting that the odious liar Gawain Towler loudly proclaims Farage is on Twitter with all the fairies, hookers, children and the deeply sad, similarly Farage's puppet the unelected General secretary young Jonathan Arnott openly states Farage keeps leaving meetings to take calls from the media on his mobile.

Then we have the little know all and motor mouth, unable to answer any of the comments made of him, yet he claims Farage is a technophobe who doesn't use a mobile phone.

Shows how reliable these foolish little chaps are.

Either stand your ground as a man and apologise for your lies and falsehoods as clearly shown by both Junius and I or run along and play.

Be assured Onyon that I do not for a moment pity you - society has from time imemorial had imature idiots it has had to suffer. It is to be hoped that as you grow up and have the privilege of wexperience you will improve your judgement.

It was wise of you to run away from the Democracy forum where it was clear both you and your childish retinue of sock puppets were way out of your depth and you were like Bob FM, Denny, Croucher, Mick McGough etc. to be nothing more than unreliable and dishonest mouth pieces for the discreditted Faragista Fan Club.

As Declan Ganley said 'A busted Flush', for someone as politically illiterate as Ganley to have been able to state this with such certaintly speaks volumes of the future of EUkip.

Now run along and play nicely where the two of you will not show yourselves to be quite so foolish - clearly you can not answere the facts posted by either Junius or I, nor have the maturity to apologise, but merely resort to playground name calling.

Greg L-W.