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Thursday, 29 April 2010

UKIP: Lord Pearson on the campaign trail

An election is just days away and Lord Pearson has been very busy campaigning for his favourite party.

But is that a blue rosette we can see?

He has been in Kettering.

Mr Hollobone, the Tory candidate, was VERY pleased to see Pearson.

"I'm honoured Lord Pearson should take the effort to come to Kettering and give me his support”.

Lord Pearson was equally gushing:

"UKIP would be potty if we kept Philip out of the House of Commons.

"We haven't put a candidate up against him and we will do everything to get him in."

Mr Hollobone has been absolutely clear with his views on Islam, the burka and Sharia Law. To do that in the House of Commons against your party whips must have been pretty uncomfortable."

But some UKIPPERS in the constituency were not so keen on UKIP supporting a rival party.

“Bloody traitor” was how one UKIPPER was heard to describe Pearson behind his back .


He has been in Shipley.

What a shame that Shipley’s Tory candidate was less than eager to share a platform with the dotty Lord:

“I’m really grateful for him coming to support me, that’s absolutely fantastic, but it was never the plan to do a joint event.”

A slightly miffed Pearson was not to be deterred by this rebuff and was later seen walking around the constituency with a Tory rosette on one lapel and a UKIP rosette on the other. His lackeys were also seen holding a sign which read: “UKIP 4 Davies”.

Pearson has also dismissed criticism from leading UKIPPERS who are extremely unhappy with Pearson’s support for the Tories. See: LINK

He said:

UKIP is a very democratic party. They (the south west committee) can do what they want and I am on this ticket, so I can do what I want.”

Sieg Heil!


The madness of Lord Pearson is getting much worse. We now have a situation where he would rather campaign in constituencies where the Tories are standing!

And his own candidates? They can go to Hell.

Will someone please phone ‘Help the Aged’ and get Pearson removed to a care home?

And why was Nigel seen sniggering when told about the backlash against Pearson? Is he planning a return from Elba after the GE? But will ELCOM and OLAF be his Waterloo?


Anonymous said...

Lord Pearson's presence on the Conservative trail wearing 2 different rosettes gives mixed messages to the electorate and confuses them.

They might ask,, 'Is UKIP a 'branch' of Conservatism or what?'

Good question.

Is it? What's the difference?

Can you imagine Nick Clegg prancing around with a yellow and blue rosette. No way! He's his own man.

Whose 'man' is Lord Pearson?

Not showing much faith in his own party members if you ask me.

UKIP should live up to it's name; INDEPENDANT.

Putting forward their own candidates and standing ALONE.

I mean, that's what Independents are supposed to do ...


Anonymous said...

Lord Pearson says, "That he is on this ticket, and he can do what he wants".

On a ticket? On a ticket to where?

Lady GaGa ...GaGa ... GaGa ... GaGa land ...

... seems like that to me

Lord Pearson, UKIP is a democratic party. You CANNOT say or do what you want.

You are answerable to your party members.

Lady GaGa sings, "Don't me GaGa". So says Lord Pearson.

Start speaking and behaving a bit more appropriately Lord Pearson and we just might.